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Best Free Classifieds Websites

Saturday, Jun 20, 2020, 8:01 am


Adpost has been around for some time and the result is a classified ads website that knows what it is doing and is popular online. Your advert may not look as if it is anything fancy, but then there is no need for it to be like that anyway as long as you write it correctly and allow this website to do the rest.

This is a classified ads website that fewer people know about, but in actual fact it is quite a cool one and you certainly have nothing to lose by putting your advert up there. They do encourage photographs to be used and you can see why that is a good idea just from this screen grab.


Backpage is a website that is gaining in popularity as it opens up in more areas and more people become aware of its existence. Yes it is not fancy with cool graphics, but it is actually focusing on the important things which are getting as many adverts as possible and making sure people can find them. Is there anything else that you actually need?

This site does not mess around because instead it is all about clean adverts that you can find quite easily and then contact the seller and get the job done. It allows you to put in quite a lot of information into your advert and overall it is a very nice site that you should enjoy using.


You can imagine how much they paid for the domain name and this is a website that is certainly quite popular although it should be a bit busier than you will probably find it. You will see that there are a lot of adverts on there, so that shows that it must be working.


Oodle is quite a cool site and it is certainly slightly different to other free classified ads websites as it offers you a lot more information as can be seen in this example. This can either help it or be its downfall, but in most instances this is a site you should seriously consider using.

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Adsglobe is a useful website to use if you are looking at either buying or selling some items. They do not add too many categories, but each thing is easy enough to find and people will undoubtedly see your advert, so at least the website is doing its job.


8.Ebay classifieds

When you have the name Ebay at the start you know that people are going to pay attention to you and that is certainly the case with this classified ads site. It is well built, easy to use, and even though it is not as busy as the likes of Craigslist it is still a cool site to use.


OLX is something that deserves more praise than it gets, but one thing that is for certain is that you do stand a good chance of selling your stuff on there as they get more viewers than sellers. What this means is that your advert should stand out and surely that is a good thing?



Gumtree have been really pushing themselves in various parts of the world. So if you are in the UK for example, then this place is better than Craigslist. It is busy, people buy and sell things all of the time, and you stand a good chance of your advert being successful.

This website is a great place to sell your stuff because it has thousands of adverts and gets a serious number of hits on a daily basis. It does not matter that it is not the slickest looking website because the main thing is that it works.



Craigslist is undoubtedly the number one classified ads site on the Internet and it comes top by some considerable distance. If you have something to sell and want to do it online, then this is the place that you really do need to go especially if your are in the US.


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