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Best Office Pranks

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 4:34 pm

1.In the cage

It is not just the fact that this office has now been covered in pictures of Nicholas Cage, but it is also the fact that they have focused on the scariest photos of him that you can find anywhere on the Internet. You know that the person that works here must hate him, so imagine the rage when they see what has happened.

2.Jonas Brothers

You just know that this has been done to somebody that has let it be known that they absolutely detest various teen heart throbs, so their workmates have taken some revenge resulting in this office. It would be your worst nightmare seeing all of this in your space and you are going to have some fun trying to get it back to normal.


What a lovely welcome back this must be after time off when you discover that all of that rubbish has been piled up inside your office space. This must have been a complete nightmare to clean up and it has to have taken them a long time to do, but at least it is a different take on quite a common type of prank.

4.Poster office

Imagine coming back from vacation and discovering that your office has been covered in brightly colored posters of somebody you hate. This would drive you absolutely crazy, but at the same time everybody else in the office would have a great laugh at your expense.

5.Horn seat

Ok so this is not a prank that you can play on somebody that has a heart problem because as soon as they sit on that seat and that air horn blasts you know that they are going to make a mess of that seat. However, it is a classic office prank that will always get a laugh.


This prank shows real dedication to the art of pranking because all of those cups contain liquid and they are all perfectly placed in order to complete the effect. How long would it take them to clear this up before they can get back to work? How many did they drop and spill when doing so?

7.Stapler jelly

This prank is just absolute genius and there is no reason as to why it cannot be expanded to include various other office items until your entire desk is covered with things stuck inside jelly. However, why did they not notice that their stapler was gone as it takes a bit of time to set up this prank?



Filling an office space with something is always welcomed and in this instance they have used balloons and there has been a lot of air used up with trying to inflate them. At least clearing this up will not take long and it will be fun moving them, so perhaps all is not bad with this prank.

9.Keyboard in desk

This prank is quite funny in its own right as it is only going to confuse the person that normally sits at this desk and make them wonder what on earth is going on with their keyboard. It is of course quite simple to do, but the impact will always make it worthwhile.



This office prank is at least creative because when have you ever seen so much cardboard cut out in this way ever before? At least they have tried to make it look more original by drawing in keys etc although the chances of it all working are of course pretty slim.


This has to have taken a lot of patience and more than one person must have been involved in this prank as there is just no way that one person could dedicate themselves in this way. You can imagine the look on their face when they got back to their office and saw that everything was covered like this though.


12.Stick it

This has to be a classic office prank, but surely they have taken the stick it notes prank to an entirely new level with this version? Every square inch has indeed been covered with them and you can only imagine how long it took in order to do all of this.


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