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Best Tattoos To Cover A Scar

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 7:22 pm

1.Any Scar

Even red angry looking scars are gone in an instant, or so it seems. Looking closer the artwork and colors this probably took the artist a long time to complete. The result is perfect.


The scars on this persons arm is barely detectable after placing this shield across it. For whatever reason the scar was covered the shield certainly looks strong and could even make them feel safe.

3.New Ways

A person into self harm can recover and perhaps this reminder to love herself will prevent her hurting herself again. This rather poignant photograph shows this better than anything else.

4.Growing Vine

This photograph clearly shows the progression of a tattoo used to cover up severe scaring on the belly and sides. The end result is just absolutely stunning.

5.Pretty Amazing

Any type of scar can be turned into a work of art as seen here with this woman's arm. The bright colors and interesting flowers once again detract from the scar that must have brought her so much pain.

6.Purposeful Art

Surgery to remove breasts then surgery to replace them can be enhanced by tattooed on nipples making a person feel normal again. Something so simple can make such a huge difference.

7.A New Beginning

A woman can feel beautiful again after a double mastectomy. The colors and gaiety of this tattoo will detract from any negative memories associated with the surgery.


8.Something In It's Place

An unsightly raised and red scar is covered effectively with this tattoo. This person must find comfort in knowing that their scar is less visible and attention grabbing than the tattoo for example.

9.Colorful Flowers

Scars left over from breast surgery can be covered with colorful tattoos and help the woman to come to terms with any perceived body disfigurement.


10.An Angel

Surgery can be life saving, so often a sweet angel is a reminder of how lucky the person has been as well as to detract from an unsightly scar. Suddenly it can become something quite beautiful.


Raised scars can look a little out of place so this clever person turned theirs into a beautiful butterfly. This looks like a new tattoo as it is slightly red around the edges.


12.Added Cuteness

Many tummy tucks leave rather a severe scar. Placing a tattoo over the scar can hide it. This women clearly is happy with her new shape and the tattoo adds a little something to it all.


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