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Best Zodiac Tattoos

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 1:21 pm


This is more like a work of art than a tattoo and it makes a change from animals and symbols when it comes to tattoos about the zodiac. Aquarius is of course the water symbol and even though there were a lot of options available to the person they did at least go for something quite classical that just works so, so well.


Go on admit it, you are jealous of this tattoo. You have to look at this and think, you know that is cool as it is quite an exciting tattoo even if it was not linked to a zodiac sign and that is because it is cool.


This tattoo looks dangerous and you just expect it to scuttle across their back and sting them or something. However, the symbol does work out well since a Scorpio is somebody that you do not want to mess with.


Well this is undoubtedly cool and it is certainly a different take on the symbol for Virgo. It is small, it is compact, but it puts its message across and lets face it that is all you are looking for with a tattoo.


Go on admit it, a lion is always going to be a cool tattoo to have and this person has gone more for the natural looking lion rather than the cartoon style that is also an option. All of the stuff behind it is clearly just to make sure that the lion is not lonely.


As Cancer features a crab it does mean you have a lot of different things to choose from. This tattoo is cool as it not only features the crab, but also has it wrapping itself around the symbol for that sign as well.


What this Gemini tattoo shows is that you can be quite subtle and small and still get your star sign in there without it being trashy. You can see why this person has opted for this tattoo on their back as it just fills that space nicely without it completely dominating their entire body.



Taurus is quite cool because it features a bull and there are, therefore, quite a lot of things you can do with it. This bull looks quite menacing in all honesty and you have to say that it is very well done and a perfect arm tattoo.


Aries is of course the ram, but this one has been done a bit differently as the horns are not flames and that just makes it look a bit crazier than normal. Well hopefully it is actually flames and not just that the ram has had its own horns tattooed as part of some crazy ram thing.



This is a wonderful example of a Pisces tattoo and just like so many of the other symbols there is not really that much you can do with it since it just features a couple of fish. However, this tattoo shows you that it can be bright and quite fun and lets face it you would quite enjoy having this on your body.


This Capricorn sign is actually quite sinister looking when you look at the eye, but apart from that it is quite a cool tattoo. The main thing here is that you would not dream of messing with this guy would you?



Libra is of course the scales and these are two rather simple, but well executed, tattoos are some great examples. As you can see there is not really that much you can do with a set of scales and it is certainly not as adventurous as a lion or other animal, but hey it is what it is.


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