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Biggest Foods In The World

Sunday, Sep 20, 2020, 6:52 pm

1.The biggest bagel

Brueggers Bagels were responsible for creating this particular world record when they baked the biggest bagel ever in 2004. This particular one weighed in at 868 pounds and when it comes to its size it was six feet wide and almost two feet thick.

2.The biggest taco

Tacos are fantastic, but you would probably be put off if you looked at the biggest one that was ever made and of course the record holder comes from Mexico. This taco was just ridiculous at 134 feet long and you are looking at it having just a ridiculous amount of ingredients inside it including thousands of pieces of chicken.

3.The biggest Yule log

OK so this is more of a Christmas thing, but this particular Yule log ended up weighing 5,500 pounds when it was made in Canada in the year 2000. You can only imagine the sheer size of this thing, and also how rich it would be to taste, and you would need some size of a Christmas gathering for it to all be eaten.

4.The biggest cookie

The Immaculate Baking Company are responsible for baking the biggest cookie on record and to show you the size it does actually need an aerial shot. The cookie itself is over 100 feet wide and it weighed more than 40,000 pounds. It was also a chocolate chip cookie, and in this instance more than 6000 pounds of them were involved in its baking.

5.The biggest cupcake

Cupcakes are big business just now, and the biggest one was made on behalf of and it really was massive. This cupcake weighed 1200 pounds and it involved 200 pounds of sugar and 800 eggs. However, if you managed to eat it all you would be in trouble since it has an estimated 2 million calories.

6.The biggest cheesecake

Kraft foods in Mexico were responsible for producing the biggest cheesecake in the world when they produced this massive effort in 2009. It ended up weighing 4,700 pounds and of course it had to use a huge list of ingredients. This included 1800 pounds of cream cheese, 800kg of yogurt, 550 pounds of sugar, and the top was covered in 220 pounds of strawberries.

7.The biggest ice cream cake

This record is held by Dairy Queen Canada and it is an impressive cake when you look at it. This thing weighed 22,000 pounds and indeed it was that big they used the same scales that are used to weigh aircraft in order to get an accurate reading.


8.The biggest omelette

Everybody loves an omelette, but a lot of eggs were required in order to make this giant effort. It was done by a Turkish egg company and they used 110,000 of them in order to make it. This also involved 50 cooks and 400 liters of oil.

9.The biggest sandwich

There have been a few contenders for the biggest sandwich, but the winner is one that weighed almost 5,500 pounds. This sandwich had 4000 pounds of bread, 1000 pounds of corned beef, and to add some healthy option to it there was over 400 pounds of lettuce as well.


10.The biggest pizza

This record is held by a hypermarket in Johannesburg and this massive pizza actually weighed in at a staggering 27,000 pounds. Quite simply nobody else has ever managed to come close to beating this, but then it would cost an absolute fortune to even attempt it.

11.The biggest hamburger

The record for the biggest hamburger is held by Juicy's LLC and dates back to 2011. This burger weighs a staggering 777 pounds, but that is made up of all of the different components. The burger itself weighed 600 pounds followed by a bun that weighed 110 pounds. The rest was made up of salad.


12.The biggest cup of coffee

This cup of coffee was actually made in Las Vegas in 2010. It contained a staggering 2,010 gallons of coffee and that is more than what you will drink during your life unless you are a seriously huge coffee drinker. This equated to approximately 32,000 individual cups of coffee.


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