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Biggest Lies Told On The Internet

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 7:22 pm

1.The population of the world

Some people that thought they were clever tried to claim that there are more people alive on the planet today than there has ever been in the entire history of mankind. At first it may lead some people to believe that this is indeed possible, but the figures are vastly different. We have a population of just over seven billion at this moment in time whereas estimates are that over 100 billion people have lived so far.

2.The wedding ring reason

OK so this might not actually be seen as a lie just stupidity instead, but it is still worth mentioning here. A story was put out that apparently explained the reason as to why your wedding ring goes on your left hand and the argument was that it was linked to the only vein that went to the heart. However, every single vein goes to the heart because that is their entire job, so it ultimately blows that theory out of the window.

3.The giant spider

The scariest part in this lie was that there were people out there that believed it. Basically, there was a story put out that the US army in Iraq had to put up with giant sprinting camel spiders that could also jump several feet into the air. Everything that the spider could apparently do was just a bit over the top and it should have been obvious that it was all a joke, but some people still fell for it.

4.Shave your heads

This lie shows you how absolutely stupid some people are and that we should fear for a percentage of the world. A photoshopped images of Justin Bieber bald hit the Internet and his fans went crazy. Of course some thought he looked stupid, but there were actually some girls out there that went and shaved their hair off in support of him.

5.Manti Te'O

This was a story that really did grip America as it all focused on this football player who still went out and played in a game even though his grandmother and girlfriend had just died. People respected him until they found out his girlfriend was an online lie even though he also knew nothing about it.

6.You are stupid if you use IE

Do you still use Internet Explorer? Well according to a hoax you would actually have a lower IQ than those people that use Chrome or Firefox. However, the survey that claimed to have asked over 100,000 people never even took place and there is no way that using a browser shows how clever you are.

7.I can't believe they are dead

A problem with social media websites is that they do allow news to travel very fast even if the news is not actually correct. This has led to countless celebrities being declared dead, which is news to them since they learn about their own death by reading about it online. This has led to them having to go on social media to announce that they are still very much alive.


8.Google and the donkey

A series of photographs that were taken as part of Google street view in Africa appears to show their car knocking over and killing a donkey. People think this as it is standing one minute and then lying flat the next. The problem is that the donkey did actually get up and walk away and anyway the car is on the wrong side of the road to have been able to hit it in the first place.

9.Toilets in the Southern Hemisphere flush differently

People are kind of aware of the fact that if you pour water down a drain in the opposite hemisphere that it will go the other way. They then take this fact and apply it to the toilet bowl, but this has nothing to do with the direction that the water spins here because it is all about how the water enters the bowl in the first place.


10.Santa and Coca Cola

There is this belief held by so many people that the existence of Santa Claus is all thanks to Coca Cola. However, this is probably due to him having a red outfit on and the fact that they used his character in marketing from pretty early on. The truth of the matter is that he comes from Germany and was around for some time before Coca Cola hit the shelves.

11.The online scam

There are a number of online scams that you need to be aware of, but perhaps the most famous one will involve a prince from Nigeria. The story will go that they need to get money out of the country and need your help so to send your bank details and they will send it to you. However, they end up emptying your bank account as it is all a lie because Nigeria does not have a single prince.


12.Your PIN

There was a story going around that if you were being forced to take money out of your bank account at a cash machine against your will that if you put your PIN in backwards it would alert the police. This did at least sound quite interesting, but it is just a lie or they would not send people a PIN number that is the same backwards or the police would never leave them alone.


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