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Camping Hacks That Make Life Easier

Friday, Sep 18, 2020, 9:15 am

1.Coffee can for toilet paper

We all need toilet paper, but carrying it can be an issue as can keeping it dry. You should, therefore, look at using an old coffee can and make a slit in the side that the end can stick through and you have the perfect toilet paper holder.

2.Tea tree oil for ticks

Ticks are annoying, but if you mix tea tree oil with water and spray it on everything, then you will never have any problems with them ever again. They are not the biggest fans of tea tree oil and at least it does not smell too bad for us humans either.

3.Get light with a milk jug

If you take your head torch and tie it to a milk jug, then you get a wonderful lantern that will look cool in your tent. It is all about how it allows the light to pass through it and it just makes the place feel a bit more like home.

4.Deodorant to calm bites

If you have been bitten by mosquitoes and you have deodorant, then do you know that it can calm the bite and ease the itching? All you have to do is put some on, with the roll on version being easier, and the bite should feel better almost immediately.

5.Oats for ants

Keeping some oats with you is not only good for breakfast as it is also a fantastic way of keeping ants away from your campsite. They hate them and will go elsewhere, so you will never have to worry about being swarmed by them again.

6.Toothpaste the easy way

A tube of toothpaste takes up space, so how about you put some dots on a plate a couple of days before leaving and allow them to dry. Once they are dry put some baking soda over them and pop them into a plastic bag. They will come back to life when you need to use them.

7.Corn chips for fire

So you are struggling to find some kindle for your fire, so what do you do? If you have corn chips of any kind do you know that they are a great source of kindling? Light one and see how it burns long enough to help you to get your fire started.


8.Season your food

So you do not want to carry all kinds of seasoning around with you for eating due to it taking up space, but there is a solution. Get some drinking straws, use a lighter to seal one end, fill it with your seasoning, and then seal the other end. You just have to cut it open to use.

9.Plastic bottle for a spoon

So you have left your spoon at home, but you have a plastic bottle, so what do you do? It's easy because all you have to do is cut a spoon shape out of the bottom of the bottle and it will be absolutely perfect.


10.An acorn for a whistle

If you use an acorn cap you can turn it into a whistle that could help you to be rescued if you are stuck in the woods. It does take a bit if practice and learning how to hold it correctly, but you should be able to get some noise from it.

11.Still get bacon and eggs

Believe it or not, but if you are camping and you have a brown paper bag, then you can still have your bacon and eggs in the morning. Somehow it just cooks perfectly when it is kept in there, but of course you cannot put it too close to the flames or the entire thing will go up in smoke.

12.Keeping those bugs away

Did you know that if you add some sage to your fire that it keeps those mosquitoes away? All bugs apparently hate the smell of it and they will leave you alone and go to annoy the life out of somebody else nearby.


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