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Classic Childhood Characters In Evil Form

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 9:35 am

1.The Smurfs

This looks like a scary Smurf army and you just know that it would be difficult to stop them advancing whenever they felt like it. This feels as if they could easily take over the world and could we do anything about it?

2.The Lion King

We all thought that the Lion King was cute, but if his mouth was covered in blood then surely we would have a completely different view of him? He would instantly lose any sympathy that we may have had for him thanks to him clearly devouring anything around him.

3.My Little Pony

This is like the messy, unedited version of My Little Pony and there is no doubt that parents around the world would then stop their kids from playing with them or watching the cartoon. Just look at everything this lying around and they just look a bit crazy.

4.The Powerpuff Girls

Now apparently they just want to play with you, but the problem here is the part they want to play with and how they want to do it. Let's be honest here they look possessed, so would you trust them?


Well we are used to the Teletubbies being all cute, but as you can see here they do seem to have a darker side that involves chemical warfare of some description. It appears to be the case that you just cannot trust these characters any longer because who knows what they get up to behind your back.

6.Bad Light year

Nevermind calling him Buzz Lightyear because by the looks of it he should be called Bad Lightyear. He looks as if he could go on a rampage at any moment and would you then have kids pretending to be him if he just ran around killing everybody?

7.Super Mario

Well do these two characters look as much fun as they used to be? There is actually something quite menacing about them and they look as if they would beat you up and rob you at a moments notice and that is not the Mario Bros that we came to know and love.


8.Scary Ronald

So we all associate Ronald McDonald with burgers, but it would give a different take to a happy meal if the character was actually like this. Sure it may be ketchup that they used for the red stuff, but could you be absolutely sure of that?

9.Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

This alternative view makes them look like some gangsters more than anything else and this would have just led to a completely different storyline. Let's be honest here, do you feel as if you could trust them with them looking like this?


10.Scary Bambi

Yes we would have had less sympathy for Bambi if she was like this since this is more like evil Bambi rather than anything else. Imagine the trail of destruction that would be left behind her throughout the entire movie.

11.Noooo Noddy!!!!

This is the kind of image that could give adults nightmares never mind the kids. Those eyes have to be among the most evil that you will ever see in your life because he just looks possessed and is certainly not the cute character we knew when we were kids.


12.Angry Birds

We all love this game, but would it have the same appeal if this is what it was like? The scary part is that it would actually still sell and some people would probably prefer it and that tells you more about the state of us humans rather than anything else.


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