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Clever Protest Signs

Monday, Sep 14, 2020, 3:31 pm

1.My Arms are Tired

Tired people typically find their way into a bed for a nap, but this person has other plans. Because this individual is a staunch protestor, they just had to make their way into the crowd to let everyone know that their arms are tired. At least the stick attached to the poster will alleviate some of the strain on their arm.

2.Irritated By Outrage

You have to fight fire, with fire. This guy was so irritated by extreme outrage that he made a sign. You can tell he's irritated because he wrote the sign in all caps. However, he decided to give the sign a softer side, by drawing a series of smiley faces on the border. Talk about a confusing sign.

3.Time Travel Now

It takes aminute for you to realize why the protestor wrote the 'irrelevant' part on the sign, but once you do, you see just how clever the sign is. If we could travel back in time, it doesn't matter when it happens since we'd have the ability to zip back and forth from different eras.

4.Obama - Yes You Can

President Obama is one of the most powerful men in the world. Even though he is a very powerful man, there are some things he just can't do. This protester thinks that Obama has time to bring back the show Arrested Development. While his efforts are valiant, he should invest his time in a more sound cause.

5.Think Harder

Some of the greatest philosophers this world has ever seen spoke very few words. This protester feels as though his thoughts trump your thoughts. While he's busy holding up a sign among a crowd of random angry people, there are men and women out there trying to find cures for diseases.

6.America's Official Language

This person couldn't possibly be from the USA and if they are, they need to head back to school. It's a known fact that English is America's official language. She missed the memo on that, and she also misspelled the word 'official,' so maybe her sign has some truth to it.

7.Down with Zippers

What goes up must come down. Someone forgot that zippers are supposed to come down eventually, unless you like being stuck in your clothing or cut pants off with a scissors in order to get out of them. A couple of trees could have been saved If this sign was never created.


8.I Hate Crowds

If you can't beat em, join em. This lady doesn't like being around crowds, but she's right smack-dab in the middle of a huge crowd of people. She obviously wants the crowd of people to know that she hates them. Hopefully the other side of her sign says, "Please don't beat me up."

9.Free Speech For All

Protest signs are the best way to vocalize your thoughts. This man's sign speaks the truth. It doesn't matter if you're a recognized politician or a douchebag, we all should have the right to speak our minds. Well, everyone should be able to except Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, as they both have done enough talking.


10.Angry? Make a Sign

This is a clever way to take out your aggression. Instead of throwing things around or hitting someone when you're angry, why not make a sign? This person let their creative juices flow and designed a protest sign. Never mind the fact that the sign isn't really protesting anything; it was something to do to take his mind off things.

11.What would Optimus Prime do?

Someone should tell this person that Optimus Prime is too busy dealing with Megatron to worry about his silly sign. It's not clear why this person even created this sign. It doesn't really make sense, especially since they seem to be the only one holding a sign pertaining to a cartoon.


12.More Tortillas Please

This guy has a serious love for tortillas. This may seem like a silly thing to protest over, but when you love something, you have a tendency to go over and beyond for it. Of course a protest like this falls on deaf ears. This guy is better off demanding the tortillas from the restaurant he is in at the time.


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