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Cool Things You Can Teach Your Dog Easily

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 9:47 am

1.Roll Over

Get your dog to lay down, then roll him over onto his back and onto the other side. Say "roll over" the whole time. Treat him. Roll him again, say "roll over" and treat. Repeat as many times as necessary until he rolls over on his own. This is a very cute trick when dogs do it.


Teaching a dog to kiss can be sloppy, but fun. Place peanut butter on your face or lips, or wherever you want him to kiss. Say the word "kiss" and then help him find the peanut butter. Eventually he will associate the word kiss with licking. It's much better than nipping. Reward each time.

3.Drop It

Drop it is another important command to teach your dog. If they have something in their mouth that they are not supposed to, you want them to drop it right away. To accomplish this start with toys. It's useful when playing fetch. Pull the toy from his mouth and say "drop it," then reward him. Next move onto him dropping it from his mouth himself, then reward him. Next do it with food until he does it on command.


Wave is another similar move to shake and high five. Ask the dog to "wave" and do the same with your hand while moving his paw with your other. Reward each time. Eventually the dog will recognize the command and wave when you say it. Reward until he does it on command each time.


Have your dog begin in sitting position. Ask him to "beg" and then lift him by his front paws until he is sitting on his rear. Leave him go and if he balances give him a reward. Do this over and over until he balances on his own, and eventually gets into the position on his own. Reward.

6.High Five

High Five is almost like the shake command but down in the air. You place your hand up and take his paw up to meet yours. Say the words, "high five." Repeat over and over until he associates the word with the action. Reward each time you high five him and eventually he will do it on his own.

7.Leave It

Getting a dog to leave something is an important command. He may be going after something that he shouldn't eat, or have in his mouth. If you say "leave it" you want him to immediately stop. To accomplish this, place him on a leash and put a piece of food near him. When he goes to get it, say "leave it" and pull on the leash so he can't get it. Reward him. Do this until he eventually does it on his own without the leash.



To teach your dog to shake hands have him sit first. Then ask to "shake." At the same time place your hand, palm up against one of his front paws above the joint. This will lift the paw a little of the ground. Then lift his paw into your hand and say "shake" again. Give him a treat and repeat process.


Most people try to get their dogs not to bark, but if you can control when he does bark, then you can control when he doesn't. Every time he barks, say "speak," until he associates the word with the action. Then next time he is quiet, ask him to speak. Reward, reward, reward.



Start by getting a toy that your dog likes and that he can easily carry. Toss the toy about a foot from you and tell him to go get it. When he gets it, tell him to come to you. This may take practice, but he will always go after it, but may not come right back. Reward with treats when he does.

11.Lay Down

When your dog lays down on his own, say"lay down." The whole idea in training is to have your dog associate words with actions. After doing that for a while, ask him to lay down, and gently push him down. Eventually he will do it on command.



Teaching a dog to sit is one of the first things you should try. It's a great way to get them to obey you and to stop learn to wait. Start by saying "sit" when he sits on his own, then eventually tell him to gently push on his rear until he does it. Reward with praise and a treat.


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