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Cool Wrinkly Dogs

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 8:10 pm

1.Two young wrinkly dogs together

These two guys know that they have a life of wrinkles ahead of them, so they are going to have to just learn to love them. At least the one on the left appears to be quite happy about that whereas the one on the right looks a bit fed up.

2.Sound asleep with your wrinkles

This guy is absolutely fast asleep, but we are not interested in that because instead it is all about the wrinkles. He just looks so cuddly even though he is not exactly the smoothest of dogs you have ever come across.

3.Sad about the wrinkles?

An English bulldog is known for its wrinkles and this guy does not look that impressed by them. He looks absolutely fed up, but it is genetic for you and there is nothing you can do about them big guy. You are just going to have to put up with them for a bit longer.

4.Wrinkly face

How great is this picture? OK so the dog has been taken upside down, but it is the number of wrinkles and the way that you see them close up that makes this shot. You can almost hear him snoring.

5.Wrinkles are blown away

You can actually see how loose the skin is with these wrinkles in this shot with the way that they are being blown around by the fan. The coolest thing is that the dog does not even seem to be that bothered by them and that in itself is pretty cool.

6.Big long wrinkles

This guy has some long wrinkles to contend with and how does he even manage to see where he is going half of the time? You just know that when he comes in to kiss you that it would result in you being covered in drool.

7.Tiny, but wrinkly

This guy really is tiny, but at the same time he is also very wrinkly indeed. Ok he is just a pup, but he is still going to grow up and be as wrinkly as this when he is older as well, so at least he gets used to it from an early age.


8.As cute as can be

Sometimes wrinkles can be cute as you can see here with this pub. He just looks absolutely adorable and he would actually look a lot worse if he did not have those wrinkles as they just seem to give him some character.

9.Lots of wrinkles together

This just looks like a pile of wrinkles together since it is a series of puppies all asleep. The thing is though how cute is this actual photograph? Would it not be tough trying to work out which one you would like to take home with you?


10.Which one is the towel?

The big question here is which one is actually the towel? Both look just as fluffy, but of course one would make a noise if you tried to dry yourself with it and that would be the dog.

11.Wrinkles all over

This dog does not look too impressed with the fact that you are looking at his wrinkly butt, but then who would be happy about that anyway? The look on his face is absolutely priceless and you can just imagine him wanting to tell you to stop taking pics.


12.Don't you love it?

This dog has so many wrinkles that you have no idea where his eyes are meant to be. Honestly they are hidden in there somewhere, but it is just a case of trying your best to guess as to which fold of skin takes you to them.


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