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Coolest Climbing Walls

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 3:46 pm

1.Iceberg Floating Water Slide - Anywhere

This inflatable climbing wall and water slide can be taken to any lake or ocean inlet. A fun way to practice your wall climbing skills, with the water to aid a soft landing if you fall. However, if you make it to the top, you get to slide down the water slide into the water beneath.

2.University of Enschede - Netherlands

A great way to let off stress for students of the University of Enschede, this climbing wall was built into the architecture of the building, as a gift to the local mountaineering club. Arons & Gelauff Architecten built this wall to be fully functional and not just a decoration, as visitors and locals take to the wall every day.

3.Ice Factor Ice Wall - Scotland

Located in the Highlands, Kinlochieven, Scotland, this unique, fifty foot indoor ice wall, is one of the most unique climbing walls in the world. Made with over 500 tons of snow and ice, with overhangs for advanced climbers, the freeze-thaw method created this masterpiece and is the natural way that ice walls are formed outdoors.

4.Cooling Tower - Wonderland Kalkar, Germany

Built as a nuclear power plant, but never used, this climbing wall is part of an amusement park in Germany. With a large mural on the side, featuring a mountain landscape, there are climbing routes embedded in the tower that reaches one hundred and thirty feet into the sky. At the top is an arial swing ride that swings around the opening of the tower.

5.Lake Sammamish - Redmond, Washington

With more than three million visitors per year to the park, the climbing wall is a huge attraction as climbers scale the vertical wall that is as much a landmark as it is an adventure. Starting off as a brick wall and then narrowing to a point, it is a challenge for all levels of climbers.

6.Historic Banning Mills - Georgia

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the historic Banning Mills climbing walls as the tallest free standing climbing wall in the world. Standing at over 140 feet tall, the climbing walls has a 5.12 rated route, making it one of the most difficult grade climbs. The wooden climbing tower is a tourist attraction, as well as a local attraction for climbers.

7.Excalibur - Groningen, Netherlands

The highest climbing tower in the world is located at the Bjoeks Climbing Center in Groningen, Netherlands, this wall is 121 feet tall. The overhand is thirty six feet, whoa! The Excalibur climbing tower swerves as it goes straight up, allowing climbers to challenge themselves in ways they never thought possible.


8.Diga di Luzzone - Switzerland

This five hundred and forty foot climbing wall is the wall of a working dam in Switzerland. Considered the largest artificial climbing wall in the world, with two routes for climbers to take as they make their way up the Luzzone Dam wall. The wall straightens into a vertical climb with pitches and concave wall changes.

9.Illoiha Fitness Club - Japan

Alice in Wonderland would have been very happy with this unique climbing wall. Located in Japan, the wall looks to be straight out of the movie, this wall is locted in the Illoiha Fitness Club, in Japan and was designed by architecture design firm Nendo. More fun than you would ever have climbing.


10.Czech Republic

Considered the largest outdoor climbing wall in the world, the concrete structure measures almost fifty feet at it's highest point. With eighty four paths in varying difficulty levels, from three to nine, there are forty six safety lines throughout the structure. Located in the Czech Republic in Central Europe, this wall is a great tourist attraction as well as fun for the locals.

11.Eldorado Hotel Basecamp Outdoor Wall - Reno, Nevada

With routes as long as one hundred and sixty feet, the BaseCamp Climbing Wall at the Eldorado Hotel, in Reno Nevada, is the tallest artificial climbing wall in the United States. The climb starts out on a deck on the side of the building then proceeds to the roof, measuring two hundred feet from the street.


12.Zeeburg Island - Amsterdam

When Amsterdam was faced with three abandoned sewage treatment silos, they turned their lemons into lemonade by constructing a set of climbing towers. The public has access to both inside and outdoor climbing walls, as well as restaurants. The city also built offices and other commercial spaces, so you climb a silo on your afternoon break.


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