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Coolest Coffee Mugs

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 6:54 pm

1.Feet Mug

The Feet Mug will help you put your best foot forward in the morning. Because of the porcelain finish on some coffee mugs, they have a tendency to slip and slide on certain surfaces. The addition of the feet on this mug makes it sturdier, and not to mention a tad bit more decorative.

2.Spoon & Mug

A mug that comes with a spoon is like a dream come true. If you've ever forgotten to get spoon or coffee stirrer when getting your drink, then you'd appreciate this mug & spoon combo. The spoon fits perfectly in the mug's handle, so there's no way a person can misplace it. If you have big hands or long fingers, the spoon might get in the way, but the convenience of this item outweighs the discomfort.

3.Rocket Ship Mug

This mug will help your day blast-off with ease. This Rocket Ship Mug can be used to drink your coffee or as a decoration around the house. The large handle has grooves on it, as well as a hole for your finger. The fun thing about this mug is its rounded bottom is stabilized by its fins.

4.Cookie Mug

No more will you have to break your cookie apart so it can fit into your mug. It would probably not be the best idea to try and hold this mug, as it might slip out of your hands, but it's perfect for a table setting. This mug is wide enough to dip a large cookie, a slice of bread or even a biscuit.

5.Prescription Mug

There's always that one person in the office that uses everybody's mug instead of getting their own. Prescription labels are easily detectable, especially by people who have ailments. Your mug will be safe and sound, once they see the prescription label. This mug is great, just as long as you're okay with your co-workers thinking there's something wrong with you.

6.To-Do List Mug

The To-Do List Mug kills two birds with one stone. This mug will get a person jumpstarted on their day by supplying them with a warm drink and an outlet to write down their to-do list. There are people who drink tea or coffee multiple times a day, so it only makes sense to create something to help these people remember their daily tasks.

7.Ear Mug

Who knew Ross Perot had a mug made off of his likeness. This Ear Mug is crafted perfectly and has a considerable amount of detail, but it's not a practical idea. The ear handle is one endless piece that and has absolutely no opening, thereby making it hard to get a decent handle on the mug.


8.Golf Mug

You'll never be bored when drinking out of the Golf Mug. If you can't make it to a country club, then playing golf with your mug is just as good. Brush up on your golf skills with this innovative creation. This is a fun mug to help past the time while you drink your beverage. Don't get too caught up in playing, or you'll run the risk of your drink getting cold before it's done.

9.Dunk Mug

The Dunk Mug is convenient for coffee and tea drinkers who just have to have a little something with their warm beverage. This mug cuts down on the use of a napkin or plate for your biscuit or cookie. Users can just slip the food into the bottom section of the cup and head off to work. If you use this mug, you'll still have to worry about dropping crumbs while eating, but at least you won't have to wash an additional item in the morning.


10.Darth Vader Mug

Darth Vader is at your mercy thanks to this mug. This is a step above the conventional character mug because it's actually shaped like Vader's helmet. The maker of the mug didn't omit the top of the villain's helmet, and instead morphed it into a cover for the porcelain cup.

11.Silver Knuckles Mug

You'll never accidentally drop another cup again if you get this mug for your collection. Most cups and mugs have a handle with an incredibly smooth finish, but not this one. This mug allows owners to hold it in several different ways. In addition to holding the mug by its handle, there's a section for the person's individual's fingers. The finger hole slots make it easier for a person to maintain a tight grip on the mug.


12.Rubik's Cube Mug

Nothing like a colorful mug to brighten up your morning coffee. This glossy mug was inspired by the 1974 toy, the Rubik's cube. The Rubik's mug can't twist and turn like the toy, but it's just as fun to stare at. Mugs typically have a round bottom, with rounded sides, but this particular mug is square all over. If you really want to impress your friends, pick up a couple of these beauties for your next tea party.


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