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Coolest LED Products

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 5:59 pm


There are so many options available to you when it comes to bracelets as you can see here. There are various colors, sizes, and designs, but basically they all do the same thing, which is they light up and shine in the eyes of everybody that walks past you.

2.The t-shirt

These rather simple t-shirts come with an LED pattern on the front, so as soon as it gets dark it can basically light up like a Christmas tree. There are a number of different designs out there for you to choose from and while some are more cool than others you have to admire the technology involved.

3.The backpack

This is not only cool, but it is also extremely functional at the same time. You can actually imagine a cyclist wearing this and being able to tell people behind them if they are turning or not, so from a safety point of view this could be a worthwhile creation.


There is no reason for your computer to look boring as this example shows. Yes it may have been placed on the wall, but at the same time it shows you all of the inner workings and of course it lights it up to make it easier for you to check it out. This is cool and in the right office it will just be the perfect computer.

5.Drinks tray

Obviously this is just for a party, but if it is dark it is certainly going to make a great statement when you walk into the room with those drinks all ready for your guests. This is certainly a very different type of tray to own, but it is relatively cheap and is certainly cheerful.


Well this is something that you probably never expected to be made with LED's, but it has and now it is up to you if you like it or not. There are other examples out there that involve the entire thing covered in lights, but if that is a bit over the top for you, then at least you can tone it down as well.


OK this has to be one of the coolest things that you will see for a long time because how amazing would it be to have a shower that does not just throw water out normally? As you can see here there are different colors to choose from and if your bathroom is in the modern style there is no doubt that this will fit in perfectly.


8.Bicycle wheels

How cool is this bicycle wheel? Would you not just love to cycle around with this at night and draw attention to yourself? There are a number of designs out there for you to choose from and of course they look better when they are spinning around because only then will you see how amazing they can look.

9.Body wires

These are strips of LED's that you can actually wear and you see how this allows you to put different designs on your body as you see fit. This does allow you to really dress up for a party as you can see with these examples and they really are pretty cool.



At first you probably thought that it was just nails that were lit up, but nope they are actually attached to a glove, so at least your hands can glow in the dark while they are warm. You do wonder what made people come up with this idea, but they do work and they are certainly quite funny to look at.


These chairs are very funky and indeed any piece of furniture that has a modern shape to it can look pretty good if it also comes with LED's. You can see why TV companies use them in this kind of way because they really do stand out and ultimately they catch your attention.



OK so maybe they are not suitable for most of your footwear, but there is no doubt that these LED laces are actually very cool indeed. You can get several different colors to chop and change around depending on your mood and can you just imagine wearing these in a nightclub?


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