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Coolest Laptop Sleeves And Bags

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 12:16 pm

1.Manila Envelope Case

Looks like a plain manila envelope, but it's not. Inside is your laptop or tablet, safely tucked away in this carrying bag. It's fun to fool people with this fun bag and no one will know what's inside, except you. Safe and durable, it's a sure way to secure your device, and open up a conversation.


You don't have to be a kid to love these plush monster laptop and tablet bags. In a variety of colors, these monsters keep your device safe. Fuzzy and soft, they are unlike most bags that are boring and bland. No one would dare mess with anything inside ... they bite!


Cork bags and phone cases are a fun alternative to the boring bags and cases out there. Looking like you can stick a pin it and post some notes, it is great for the office, or anyone who likes that look. Soft and flexible, these laptop and tablet bags are a big hit.

4.Geek Case

Dilbert lover or not, this shirt and tie laptop or tablet case is for any geek who wants to let their freak flag shine. A white shirt with pens in the pocket has come to symbolize the geek way of life, and if you live it, why not embrace it. A fun way to transport your device.

5.Cassette Tape

To anyone who lived in the 80's or before, this is a flashback to those days when you made your girlfriend a mix tape to show your love, or created a slammin' mix to take with you in your car. To the younger generation this is a retro piece that shows them what life was like before CD's and MP3s.

6.Spongebob Squarepants

You don't have to be a kid to love Spongebob Squarepants or Patrick. Adults love these two and this bag is a popular way to carry your device. Whether you're going to the Krusty Krab, or just to your local coffee shop, your laptop or tablet will go with you safely.

7.British Invasion

The Beatles would have loved if people carried this bag. The British invasion in full view with this British flag bag. Looking washed out and worn, it gives the impression that the bag as been around about as long as the British empire. The British are coming, the British are coming.


8.Racing Car

Racing car enthusiasts will love this laptop or tablet bag. The unique painting makes the car almost seem to move as you walk along with this bag. Any accessory adds style to your outfit, and your bag is one that never fails to make you stand out. Once reserved only for women who carried handbags, now men can have their own choices in device bags.

9.Peace Hippie

The hippie craze is back full force and the peace sign is always a great way to show some love and light. With psychedelic colors, this bag is great for teens, college students and adults, who live the lifestyle. Easy to carry any device, keeping it secure, while you're away from home.


10.Owl Case

Owls are wise, and so are you when choosing this cool bag. The colors and with bird feathers really make this bag unique, but it's the owl's eye looking at you sideways, that really makes it pop. Why have a boring old bag when you can carry this around as a great accessory.

11.Beer Head

It might be hard to not crave a cold one when looking at this laptop or tablet bag. Looking almost like the real thing, with bubbles and a foaming head, your device is secure inside. A great case that makes a statement to all those around, saying I love beer as much as my technology.


12.Cool Blue Witch

Looking like she is almost breaking out of the bag, this ice queen with blue lips is either friendly or menacing, depending on how you look at her. Either way, she keeps your laptop or tablet safe inside. The electric blue cover doubles as her hood, with an electric feel to it.


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