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Coolest Easter Eggs

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:06 am

1.Hatching out

These little guys are Easter chicks just waiting to hatch and the best part is that they are of course edible. OK that has probably just put you off having them, so if that is the case just sit back and admire them for being cool.

2.Bright and cheerful

These eggs are very bright and very cheerful and you have to say that at least they would stand out from the crowd if they were hidden and just waiting to be found. How on earth do they manage to do this with an egg?

3.Back to Star Wars

Well this box of Easter eggs is about to storm out of the box, but then that is not surprising when they are a set of Stormtroopers. This is pretty easy to do and it does not require a lot of artistic talent, but boy do they look cool.

4.All patterned

Now this is what you call a well designed egg because where would you even begin if you were trying to do this yourself. The patterns on them are fabulous, but there is so much going on that perhaps some would say that they were a bit over the top?

5.Making a dinosaur happy

These eggs are all about making a dinosaur happy and they are perfect for little kids that will just love the bright colors and of course the cool character with each one. They are very creative and the person that came up with the idea is actually a bit of a genius.

6.Futurama Eggs

You have probably noticed that these eggs are indeed from Futurama and anybody should be able to do this if they have any kind of artistic talent. These eggs are just so much fun and they would certainly make hunting for them a lot more fun as well. 

Futurama Eggs-Coolest Easter Eggs

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7.The truth be with you

Yep this is a Yoda inspired Easter egg and the best part is using some cotton wool in order to give him hair around the ears. OK so Yoda does not actually have a head shaped like an egg, but try to forget about that and just admire it.


8.Get 3D characters

Now this is cool because they have not just painted things onto the eggs, but they have added bits on in order to create a pirate scene. This is a work of art and can you imagine the reaction of the kids when they saw it?

9.Peacock feather

This design is completely different as it is meant to look like the feather of a peacock and that is certainly something that they have managed to do. The design on it is rather pleasant on the eye and it would have certainly required a steady hand and some patience to do it.


10.Pokemon eggs

This is another thing that will not surprise you because surely Pokemon is just tailor made for Easter eggs? The colors are bright, the designs are not too over the top, and ultimately they just look so cool.

11.Go get him Mario

Is it any surprise that people have made Easter eggs that feature Mario? They are at least quite easy to design as there is not a lot to him, but they still look very cool and you would love to own one wouldn't you?


12.Disney characters

You have to admit that this selection of Easter eggs really is cool since they are all painted as Disney characters. This must have taken some time to do because the detail that is in them really is amazing and there is no doubt that they really are a work of art.


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