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Coolest IPad Docks & Stands

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 10:52 am

1.Funky and Fun

Fun and funky, kids and adults will love this stand alike. When kids watch their favorite programs it can really add to the overall effect. This is certainly something that is going to keep their attention.

2.Easy When You Know How

Colorful and easy to make, a Lego holder, what could be more simple? This is certainly fun and they will look great in a family room.

3.Geeky Ideas

This pencil inspired dock is so ingenious it just goes to show how easy it is to create a dock out of anything. This one is made from reinforced pencils which makes it more stable.


This nifty design ensures that you iPad is in an upright or laying down position. Made from glass and wood with perfectly smooth hinges it is both practical and a nice addition to the home or office.

5.Sleek Design

Sleek design, minimum fuss and maximum practicality all in a small item like this holder. This means moving from space to space is easy and you have the benefit of the stand.

6.A Love of Retro

A little bit of retro. Here your iPad looks really funky in a wood mock television set from days gone by. If you prefer antiques and vintage technology can fit into it.

7.Clever Ways To Use Stands

If you want an instant fire this log really keeps things realistic. Here you get the fire without the work and clean up afterwards and it is also quite a good stand to have as well.


8.Hercules to the Rescue

Hercules looks great on a desk holding up your iPad. The great attention to detail make this an attractive holder to have, but at least they have been kind in the trouser department as well.


Hankering after the typewriter and days gone by? Here you get to reminisce and to use latest technology at the same time. This is certainly a clever idea and you can instantly see why it is popular.


10.Clever Ideas

These neat docks supply a keyboard as well as dials. Functionality and good looks all in one package, but perhaps the best part is that they look retro and retro is certainly in vogue right now.

11.Simple Wood

Simple to make and organically good looking this piece of wood keeps you 'green' whilst supporting your iPad. You have to admit that in some rooms this is going to just look absolutely perfect.



This sculpture is quite stunning and also holds your iPad while you are busy doing something else. In the world of technology it is nice to know there is still place for art.


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