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Coolest Ice Cube Trays

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 4:02 pm

1.Dr Who

This is a UK show that has been around for 50 years, but even if you have never heard of it you cannot help but say that the ice cubes themselves are very cool. It shows that a show can be taken as a theme and turned into something like this and if you are having a kids party, then surely these ice cubes would go down a treat?

2.Coffee beans

This ice cube tray is going to be perfect for anybody that is having an iced coffee. In all honesty you wonder why nobody has thought about this until relatively recently because surely some of the big coffee companies would have seen the merit in this? Overall though they are cool and do indeed look like coffee beans.


If you are looking for an ice cube that is a bit different for kids, then how about this centipede? They are ugly, slimy, wriggly, and look so good in a drink and it will tempt them into being daring and trying to drink it in the first place.


This shape and design is absolutely perfect for ice cubes and you just know that Batman himself would approve of their use. As soon as you see them you start to have the theme tune playing in your mind and people are going to laugh and be amazed at what they see in their drinks.

5.Marijuana leaf

Well this is certainly a bit of fun, but in all honesty you need to watch who you serve them to. These are not the ice cubes to put in drinks to your 90 year old grandmother, unless she smokes it as well of course, but for certain parties there really can be no better ice cube tray than this.


For some reason the idea of having jewel shaped ice cubes is something that really does seem to just work so well. The shapes, the color, everything about them just works perfectly, so it is perhaps a bit of a surprise to find out that they have not actually been around for that long. Add some sparkle to your drinks.

7.Easter Island

If you have no idea what these ice cubes resemble, then do yourself a favor and look online at Easter Island. These ice cubes are made to look like the giant heads that are on there and they really are very well done. If you love a bit of mystery, then consider having these in your drinks.



The person that decided that the world was ready for pacman ice cubes got the mood absolutely spot on. This tray is seriously cool and you can imagine the reaction at a party, especially among people that love the game, when you bring out the ice and they are thrown back to their childhood.

9.Shark fins

Feel like adding a bit of danger to your drinks? Well how about these shark fin ice cubes because surely that is a lot better than the boring old cubes? The best part is when you do not tell people in advance about them and just wait to see their reaction because there is no doubt that it will always put a smile on their face.



The first thing that you will notice with this tray is the sheer size of the ice cubes, so if you have small glasses, then this is not going to be the right one for you. Instead, imagine them at a kids party and how much they would love to see them floating in their drinks. You just know it would go down a storm.


This is probably the best possible ice cube tray for a geek because how cool is it to have them resembling the blocks out of Tetris. This is such a genius idea and in all honesty it could make a great stocking filler for somebody, but do remind them that ice does melt so they cannot play with them.



Well this ice cube tray is certainly different and who would not want ice cubes shaped like cats in their drinks? It will certainly add some fun to your party if you bring this out, but the question is who actually sits and thinks about designing this in the first place?


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