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Coolest Paperweights

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 10:27 am

1.Little Scene Paperweights

You might not get any work done with this little 'garden scene' paperweight. The bug is flying toward the flowers and there is even a bit of sparkly sand to look at. Paperweight scenes make a fun addition to any office or space.

2.Vintage Endlessly Popular

Vintage always looks great in an office and this paperweight with a photograph of Richmond, Virginia is no different. Vintage offices pieces are hot news, so keep an eye out for something related to your very own area.

3.The Pistol Paperweight

The Pistol paperweight adds that little dash of glamour to a desk whether you are decorating for a male or female. There are so many varieties around including diamante which would certainly add dash to any desk.

4.Rustic Masculine Decor

A fine specimen of rustic art which is in fact a paperweight too. This would suite a really masculine decor and add to the decor in an instant.

5.Tarantula Paperweight

Add a little shock and horror to a desk with a huge tarantula paperweight. It will either delight you are send shivers down your spine. This is not something that you want to give to somebody that hates spiders with a passion.


These bubbles blown from bubblegum look amazing on a desk. Of course they are made of heavy glass not bubblegum and the result is amazing because how cool do they look and how good would they look on your desk?

7.Personalized Paperweights

Personalized paperweights are really appreciated and if given as a gift can really make that person feel appreciated for years to come. This can be a great little thing to give those family members.


8.Some Peoples Rubbish Is Some Peoples Art

A scrunched up piece of paper, or art work that looks like one makes a great paperweight for collectors that are looking for something different. It is amazing how a crinkled bit of paper can look so attractive.

9.The Fetus And Glass Paperweight

This mock fetus encased in glass makes a very unusual paperweight. Not for everyone but certainly unique and very arty looking. However, do make sure they are not too sensitive to these kinds of things.


10.Hearts Go Anywhere

Hearts are just so aesthetically pleasing and these are no different. Hearts sit well on a desk or anywhere you are storing a pile of papers. Using an attractive paperweight can really make clutter look more organized and appealing.

11.Handy Organizer

This cool paperweight has a turning dial to remind you if the paper it is sitting on is urgent, but it does have some great helpful reminders like 'sit on it'. Piles of paper can be very organized with this handy gadget.


12.Say It With Words

With words being so popular in the home as decor recently, this 'Love' paperweight would make a lovely gift. The word love as a paperweight comes in loads of designs and media. So if you prefer wood that is available too.


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