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Coolest Spy Gadgets You Can Buy

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 6:39 pm

1.The camera cap

This cap is cool because it actually films people even though it just looks like a normal hat. This means you can secretly record people whenever you want and just blend in normally like any good spy should be able to do.

2.Watch Out For The Clock

Spy clocks have been around for a long time. They simply change shape to appear more modern and also improve their functioning. Most spy clocks film in HD and also carry great audio. These are also accessible to the public of course. So, if you want to catch him cheating try a spy clock!

3.The Spy's Watch

When we imagine Spy's at work one of the first gadgets to come to mind is the watch. These days though they really have come on strides. Shooting film in pure HD clarity, perfect sound recording and waterproof are some of its brilliant features.

4.Pretty Lipstick

A lipstick in a handbag turns out to be a pistol. One that shoots to kill too! Although quite modern looking this device was popular in the 1960's.

5.Cool Gadgets

This modern looking car key is in fact a video recorder, it comes complete with USB cord to enable speedy download and viewing. Who would imagine that the car key on the table while you are chatting is in fact filming your every move and word?

6.Here's Looking At You

Just when you thought it was safe to hide in your apartment this spy device ruined it all for you. Used by the FBI and other law professionals including regular cops, this reverse peep-hole gadget can enable them to spy back into your home from the front door.

7.When You Next Go Fishing

If a Spy is watching you, nowhere is safe. Even under water. This fish is operated by a fancy type remote control system, it can swim over and listen to what is going on. Spy's are real and among us every day which means that any object can be fitted with a device and seem innocent enough.


8.The Walls and Trees Have Ears

No wonder people get paranoid and feel as though the trees have ears. They can and do! This device although older than modern day devices so appears larger, can hear conversations and store them away. Next time you go to the park be careful!

9.It's Raining Again?

Next time it rains you might be a little anxious around umbrellas, when you realize this umbrella is loaded with a poisoned dart. The dart shoots off when the trigger is pulled and down you go. The other scary thing about it is, the poison used in the dart is hard to detect by forensics.


10.Cool Sunglasses

These sunglasses are not only great fun, but a Spy's staple amongst his or her spy goods. They actually film people in HD. So any conversations they have or streets they walk up and down on can be filmed along with sound and perfect quality.

11.Barely Legal

This device is a lock picker. Strange to think that people can actually buy these? Somehow having a dead lock seems like a good idea when you realize how accessible lock pickers are.


12.Spy Shoes

This shoe looks innocuous enough, but in reality the shoe heel is loaded with a voice transmitter. Popular during the 1960s the shoe was on show at the International Spy Museum. Although popular in those days, these same methods are still used today.


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