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Coolest Stress Balls

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 1:34 pm

1.Cool pig

The best part about this has to be the sunglasses because that just comes across as an extra detail that they did not have to have on there. However, he is very squeezable and great fun, so take your stress out on him as he really does not mind it at all.

2.The brain

This just looks like the perfect stress ball because how much fun is going to be squeezing your brain until you feel better? This is easy to handle and there is something a bit strange about holding it in your hand even though it is clearly not your real brain.

3.Cute bum

Well this is possibly the stress ball that could get guys into trouble with their partners if they are viewed as enjoying squeezing this stress ball a bit too much. You have to say that they are very well designed and at least you have a number of designs of panties to choose from.

4.Polar bear

The only problem here is that he is kind of cute, so would you want to take out your frustration on him? The good thing is that you can get a great grip on him and squeeze until you are done and at least he doesn't bite.

5.Hand grenade

Are you brave enough to squeeze this stress ball? It is surely going to be a bit worrying for some people if they see you walking around with a hand grenade because surely they are going to think that something is not quite right about this situation? Make sure you are not around sensitive people.

6.Police car

How many people have wanted to squeeze the life out of the police? Well the good news is that you can actually do this now and how much fun is that going to be? This stress ball is going to give you the time of your life, so get squeezing the law.

7.Scary skull

This guy is quite creepy, but at the same time that does make him quite cool. You have to admit that the design is very good indeed and it is just a pity that his tongue does not come out as well.


8.Geek balls

There are a number of stress balls out there that are perfect for geeks and you can see from these examples just how amazing they tend to be. The only problem you have here is remembering that you cannot actually solve the Rubiks cube because it is just a stress ball.

9.Squeeze the cow

Now this is seriously cool and the fact that it fits nicely on your keychain just makes things that little bit better. Be aware that you do not get milk if you squeeze this cow and nor does it moo back at you, but it certainly makes you feel a bit better.



Ok so at first this looks as if it is a bit strange, but in actual fact it is basically a bunch of grapes that you can squeeze until you feel the stress going and the only sad part is that you do not get wine out of them at the end. However, they are fun and they do work, so perhaps that is the most important part.

11.Poor Paul

Paul is not happy and neither would you be happy if somebody was allowed to just squeeze the life out of you on a daily basis. Surely that is just going to make him more stressed, so who will he squeeze?



Well how cool are these guys with the different faces? You have to admit that you are certainly going to feel less stressed after squeezing the life out of these guys and checking out their expressions. This has to be one of the best designs ever.


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