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Coolest Ultraviolet Stuff

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 1:37 pm


There are not a lot of options out there for UV cutlery, but there are a few and you have to say that they are rather cool. OK they may not be elegant in style, but that does not matter because the whole idea of using UV is to appear funky, so your finest silver will look out of place.

2.Toilet paper

In one way you wonder why they even bothered to make this, but at the other time it would surely be useful if you were in the toilet and had a power cut. OK that may never happen to you, so perhaps it was just an inventor that was bored one day and went to make the strangest thing they could think of.

3.Body jewelry

This is one of those UV products where you just see the sense in it because it really is a cool way to have some body art that is a bit different from the norm. There are a lot of designs available, so you should have no real problem with finding a belly piercing that you love and one that is just going to start showing itself off as soon as darkness falls.


Yes, somehow we have managed to invent UV bubbles and you do wonder what made some person decide that this is what they wanted to do with their life. There really is basically no point to them whatsoever apart from to be a cool thing at night, so a cool thing it is.


Even if you are not that big on art you cannot help but look at things such as this photograph and think that it does indeed look seriously cool. Using special materials it just helps to give the art a completely different perspective, but it does look better when it is done on a large scale.


Yes these are UV glasses and as you can see they do look a bit different to the normal ones that you see in the shops. They are more futuristic looking and you may wonder what on earth you would do with them, so just accept that you need to wear them with pride and wait for the reaction of people around you.


There are a number of shoes out there on the market that use this technology and as you can imagine they are very cool to wear. OK it tends to just be the sole of the shoe that uses it, but forget about believing that they are just for kids to wear at school because there are several adult versions also available.


8.Body Paint

Well if you are going for a night out, then how about some UV body paint to help spice things up? You simply need to paint it on in any design or location you want and then when those lights hit you just wait to see the reaction of anybody that is around you.


The mere fact that you can get UV clothes is cool and there are also a lot of options for you to choose from. Of course they are only going to be suitable for very few occasions, but if you are into clubbing, then do you really want to wear anything else?


10.Contact Lenses

Yes you can actually get UV contact lenses and to say that they are a bit freaky is not really doing them justice. What they end up doing is giving your eyes this piercing look, but they are cool and you will certainly draw some attention to yourself when wearing them.


UV tattoos are certainly very cool and there is no doubt that if you have one, then people are going to sit up and take notice of you. The way in which they just come alive under UV light really is something else and with you able to get any design that you want there is no way that this can ever be boring.



This plant is called Sarracenia purpurea and as you can see it actually glows in UV light. This is seriously cool and it is just a wonderful example of how creative mother nature can be whereas we just rely solely on technology and being able to solve various problems and conundrums.


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