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Countries With The Best Food

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 9:03 am


German food is very rich and heavy, but it is very different to anything else that you are ever going to taste. It is a very honest type of food as well as being rather hearty and well seasoned. Meat lovers will have the time of their life.


Ok so the Vietnamese can eat some strange things, but try to forget about that part and check out the range of nice things that they have to offer. You are going to be hit with both sweet and sour and as long as you don't mind those tastes you should love it.


Spanish food is light, colorful, fresh, and packed full of flavor. Forget about just paella and experience their seafood and get with the party atmosphere.


Food in the USA is not all about huge portions, but it is fair to say that it does help if you are a meat lover. Yes steaks are a favorite, but forget about the burgers and experience what real American food is all about.


Thai food has been on the rise in recent years as people see it as being Asian without being too freaky. Their food tends to be lighter to taste, but they do like a bit of heat in their food.


The French are often seen as being at the heart of fine cuisine and indeed if you are looking for classy food, then this is the country that you need to look at. Yes they may also like snails and frogs legs, but that does not have to mean that you eat them.


China has to be included thanks to the number of Chinese restaurants and take-aways that exist around the country. We just love the mixture of dishes and flavors that come from this country and our fascination is only going to continue to grow.



Ok so to love Japanese food it is easier if you prefer sushi or noodles, but if you want something that is filling, then Japanese food should be right up your street. It is healthy, it is very well balanced and they love to make things fresh so you are never disappointed.


Mexican has to be one of the most popular foreign foods out there thanks to our love of things such as fajitas, burritos, and tortillas. However, do yourself a favor and look beyond them and you will find a cuisine that is rich in flavor and far more delicious than you ever expected.



This may surprise some people, but Greek food is absolutely brilliant. They love fresh ingredients and there just never seems to be anything heavy about it and you are really missing out if you have never given it a go.


India is the home of spice and there is no way that you should think that it is all about curry. Instead, they love to use natural ingredients and there is a fine balance of flavors in all of the dishes and it always leaves you satisfied.



Come on who does not love Italian food? Yes there is a lot more to it than pasta because it has fresh ingredients, it is colorful, it is healthy, and overall it just tastes absolutely divine no matter who makes it.


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