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Craziest 911 Calls

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 7:38 pm

1.Get a Life Already!

Some people do not get it! 911 is an emergency service for life or health threatening instances. Not bounced checks. However, what are they going to be called out for?

2.Be Careful What You Say

An intruder had entered the house and this woman did as she was told and shot him. The question is actually who the blame is with because the operator was kind of hinting towards it were they not?

3.None Of Your Damn Business

Sometimes it really is a case of 'too much information'. You do wonder about how sensible this person actually is because why would you go ahead and dish out this information and do so all without being asked?


Well we are sure glad this dispatcher found his girlfriend having being on fire funny? Surely they would have then ended up being fired as a result of this? (no pun intended)

5.Stop Talking Already!

A lot of tragedies could be avoided if 911 didn't ask so many damn questions! You can almost sense the desperation in the guy to get back off the phone and watch what she is doing.

6.If You Don't Behave I am Phoning 911

This ineffective mom was later charged for messing with and abusing 911. OK what she was trying to do was to scare her kids, but lets be honest here there are better ways of going about it rather than dialing 911.

7.Hectic Dude!

Someone spiked the brownies? Will nobody think of the poor police? Imagine putting them into such a difficult situation. Perhaps that is why they tend to eat donuts.


8.It Happens?

It is hard to miss dial when 911 is only three digits? How do you actually manage to do that with something that is so simple? It takes a special kind of idiot to achieve this.

9.Holy Cow!

This turned out to be one of the biggest oil refinery explosions in America. Imagine the kind of things that they must hear with various calls that are made to them. It must be tough to listen to.


10.Homework Hour

It appears that 911 is always there to lend a helping hand. Even for the slow maths pupils, but at least they entertained this 4 year old kid rather than just shout at them.

11.It's A Hard Job

This sad call was from a little 7 year old girl whose parents had been shot. It shows that the crazy calls that they receive do not have to be funny as they can also be extremely sad in nature.


12.Someone Who Cares

No better place to call than 911 when your sandwich gets messed up and no one out there cares. The big question is just what they expect the police to go ahead and do because what law are they going to be breaking?


Imagine calling 911 just to get advice on how to get the ice off your car? At what point do you start to think that it is actually an emergency? What did you think they were going to do when you called them? Some people are strange.

14.Pizza Delivery

Some people take advantage or have sincerely lost their marbles. It's good to know there is a dedicated bunch of people out there to take our pizza calls, but do they actually do the delivery as well?

15.Okay! Say What?

This guy could have been schizophrenic, or brain injured. Who can tell? All calls are taken seriously at 911. This guy was later reprimanded for 911 abuse.


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