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Craziest Laws Around The World

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 11:47 am


In Germany it is an illegal offence to run out of gas when you are on the autobahn. This does sound a bit crazy, but then you realize that parts of it have no speed limit, so there is a safety side to this law. Source:


In Lebanon, if a guy is caught having intercourse with a male animal, then the sentence for that is death. However, if it is with a female animal, then apparently that is absolutely fine. Source:


In Turkey they have a law that states it is illegal for a man who is older than 80 years old to become a pilot. This is one of those laws where you are glad it is in place although you do wonder as to why they felt the need for it. Source:


In Israel it is illegal to breed pigs unless they are for scientific research, but if they then breed too many they can sell them for food. That has led to one company breeding thousands of pigs that they do not need leading to a pretty good business. Source:


In Burma it is actually illegal for anybody to access the Internet and they can be sent to prison if they are caught doing so. That does of course mean that they will be unable to see that they have been mentioned on this list. Source:


In Bahrain, which is a Muslim country, there is a law that states that a male doctor can only examine certain parts of a woman when he is looking in a mirror. He is actually forbidden to look at certain parts of her directly. Source:


Portugal has a law that states it is illegal for you to have a pee in the ocean. Just what do they think we are peeing out that could then cause some damage to the wildlife that lives in the water? Source:



If you have a pet in Norway, then the only way you can stop them breeding is by getting the male dealt with, but even this is very restricted. It is actually illegal to have a female cat or dog neutered unless it is for health reasons. Source:


We know that people in Argentina love to dance, but did you know that there was a law that means there has to be an even balance between tango music and other forms of music in every nightclub? They must be trying to preserve the heritage of this world famous dance. Source:



The Swiss are a bit strange, but nothing can be stranger than the law that they have which makes it illegal to flush your toilet after 10pm. That is just bizarre and you do wonder as to what purpose it serves. Source:


They clearly take education very seriously indeed in Bangladesh because they have made it a criminal offence for you to cheat in your exams. Basically, kids over the age of 15 can actually be sent to prison if they are found to have cheated. Source:



In Victoria, Australia it is actually illegal to change a light bulb unless you are a fully qualified electrician. Imagine having to call them up just to change a bulb and how much money that is going to end up costing you. Source:


If you live in Samoa, then you need to make sure that you always remember the day that your wife was born on. Why? Because it is actually illegal to forget her birthday on this Pacific island. Source:,0,

14.Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a law which makes it legal for a woman to kill her husband if she find out that he has been cheating on her. However, she must kill him with her bare hands or it is illegal if she uses a weapon of any sort. Source:


There is a real law in France that makes it legal to marry a dead person. Why on earth would they need to make a law for that? Do the French not already know that it is not a wise thing to do? Source:


In India it is legal to commit suicide, according to the Indian penal code section 309, but it is illegal to attempt it. This does mean that you can be punished for it if your attempt is unsuccessful. Source:


In the UK there is a law that states it is illegal for you to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances. What do you think these suspicious circumstances would be and how on earth do you even police that particular law? Source:


In 2013, China passed a law which made it illegal to not visit your parents often. Basically, you cannot just abandon them and need to keep going to see how they are doing or you are breaking the law. Source:


In Singapore it is illegal to sell any chewing gum that is not for medical purposes. This can lead to you being fined $1000 and in some cases you can actually end up in jail even if you are a pharmacist. Source:


In Thailand you need to be careful not to stand on any money as that is actually illegal and you can be arrested. This is all because of the way in which the Thai people view their King and see him as being like some kind of God. Source:

21.The Philippines

In the Philippines it really is a case of death to us part when it comes to getting married. The reason for that is that it is illegal to get divorced in the country. Source:


In Greece it is possible for the police to arrest you if they believe that you have HIV. Quite how they work this out is unknown, but it is certainly a mad law to have. Source:


In the United Arab Emirates it is illegal to have extramarital sex. This has actually led to rape cases where both the person committing the act and the person being raped have both been charged and jailed for up to one year. Source:

24.Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia it is actually illegal for a woman to drive a car. This is a religious law that may very well be changing soon, but it is still enforced as they are seen as not being responsible enough to drive. Source:


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