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Craziest Love Hotels

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 3:42 pm

1.North Pole

This has to be one of the strangest love hotels you are ever going to see in your life because they have decided to replicate the north pole. As if building an igloo in it is not strange enough they also go and put a polar bear on the top just to add to the effect, but does it actually work?

2.Doctor surgery

You can kind of see the point in this love hotel because couples have been doing the whole doctor nurse thing for such a long time. At least here they have a better chance of acting out those roles more effectively than just wearing a white dressing gown and gloves at home.

3.Pirates of the Caribbean

The best thing about this room is that you can get all kinds of sexual innuendos into it thanks to the design and the fact it is linked to pirates. Once again you do wonder about how they came up with the idea in the first place, because when you think of love hotel there is next to no chance that the next thought is a pirate.

4.Jurassic Park

Well this is clearly going to be the love hotel for anybody that loves dinosaurs, but then why would you equate dinosaurs with the activities that will be going on in this room? OK the hotel is actually quite well done and at least they are going for a completely different theme, but dinosaurs??

5.Black widow

This room is very peculiar because it appears to be focused on the black widow spider and of course that is one of the most deadly spiders anywhere in the world. People can die from being bitten by it, so what kind of things are actually happening in this love hotel?


This is clearly for people that want to be like a parrot and put into a cage because that is the only logical explanation for a love hotel that is designed in this way. This is certainly a room where your imagination needs to be working at full speed as it is the only way of being able to work out what on earth it should be used for.


The problem with this room is that surely it is going to be quite easy to get side tracked by the actual fairground and forget why you are there in the first place? OK there is a limit on what can be put into the room, but that carousel looks like a lot of fun.


8.Horror movie

This love hotel is set up like a horror movie, but as you can see it is quite a poor horror movie where the budget must have been under $10. At least it is a bit different and requires a different approach to the role playing that takes place here.


This is another love hotel that is going to tie in with a common role play theme, so once again it makes sense for it to exist. This hotel is fully equipped for you to do all of your school work, but you do expect that it is more for other things rather than learning how to read and write.


10.Subway train

OK so it is not a full train, but instead a single car and you can probably link it in with the idea of doing something in a public place, but without the public in this sense of course. It is certainly something that appears to be quite popular in Japan, so perhaps watch out the next time you are there and make sure you get on the right car.

11.Police station

In a way this hotel makes sense because it does fit into a popular type of role play, so at least you can understand that there will be people that would use this love hotel. However, it is still strange to think that it exists and is hired out for a few hours at a time.


12.Hello Kitty

OK after being in this Hello Kitty love hotel you are undoubtedly going to have a different perspective on this particular character. There is just something a bit strange about adults meeting for a bit of you know what and being surrounded by this cartoon. But hey, everyone to their own.


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