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Crazy Yet Creative High Heel Designs By Kobi Levi

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 9:34 am

1.Coffee Mug Heel

Get ready for your morning by stepping into a mug of coffee. This coffee mug heel is a stunner! At first glance, this shoe doesn't look like a coffee mug, but once you get a better look you're amazed at how it was designed. Thank goodness for spills, or else this shoe's heel would be nonexistent.

2.Slide Heels

Every town has a playground with that staple 'red slide.' The creator of the heel took the color scheme and overall design of that slide and made it into an eclectic shoe. The ladder heel is what sets this shoe apart from the rest, but it also looks like it could cause some major foot damage if the person steps down wrong.

3.Kick Up Your Heels

These heels show just how bendy the female anatomy can be. It looks like a typical shoe, right up until you get to the heels. The heels are formed to imitate a woman kicking up her back legs. The great thing about the legs on these heels is that it gives the person wearing them extra support, so they don't stumble or fall.

4.Miao Heel

This show has cat-titude. This heel has been mistaken by some to mimic a dog, but that is not the case. This is the Miao heel, which was designed to mimic the grace and movement of a cat while it does its signature 'stretch move.' With any luck, your cat won't think these heels are its new mate.

5.Banana Heels

Instead of slipping on a banana peel, you can just walk in one instead. This banana heel was created so seamlessly that it looks just like a banana peel that was left on the ground. It's not the most attractive shoe to look at, but it's so odd-looking that it can't help but grab your attention.

6.Chewing Gum Heels

This heel is more than just a shoe; it's also a work of art. From a front view, this shoe looks like a sneaker, but when you look at it from the side, it's a high-fashioned high-heel. The shoe's heel looks exactly like the texture gum has when it's stretched out.

7.Slingshot Heel

This heel combines a thong sandal with a regular high-heel shoe. This shoe Is known as the Slingshot heel and it lives up to its name through and through. The back portion is the old-fashion slingshot design, while the front looks like a flip-flop shoe. These shoes are best if not worn anywhere near a beaver.


8.Flamingo Heels

You can dance the Flamenco in these flamingo heels. Flamingos are known for their unique stance and this shoe mimics that flawlessly. The heel's color is spot on and even the shoe's front portion looks just like a flamingo's beak.Just don't wear these heels on a newly waxed floor.

9.Orca Heels

Orcas around the world should be honored to have a shoe that mimics their appearance. Much like the animal they're modeled after, this is one chunky shoe. The orca's skin has the same patent leather style as this shoe. The orca has always been seen as a unique animal, so this heel's unique composition matches that perfectly.


10.Shark Heels

You will take a bite out of fashion with these shark heels. These heels are a sling-back, pump, and a peep-toe all wrapped in one. The back of the shoe mimics an open shark mouth, while the front had a miniature fin. Much like a shark, these heels will make everyone in the area vacate the premises.

11.Write Heels

Ladies put your paper and pencils down! These cute heels mesh loose leaf paper and a No. 2 pencil. From afar, these shoes look like your typical department store pair of heels, but up close you can see the innovative details. If you find yourself out and about with these shoes, and you're in need of some paper, you can just bend down and write on your shoes.


12.Violin Heels

These violin heels aren't musical, but they sure do look. The heels aren't over-the-top and have hints of the features that make the violin such a unique instrument. The best part of these heels is the strings that adorn the back of the heels - they look like they're just aching to be plucked!


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