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Crazy Photos Of Daughters By Their Dad

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 3:13 pm

1.Ho Ho ho, merry christmas...

Jason Lee(a wedding photographer) started making these creative photography for her mother when his she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He couldn't take the girls to her because the girls were constantly sick, with colds and coughs, so he made a blog for her mother to check her granddaughters growing up in an amazing way. What more beautiful can be for his mother every morning seeing these creative photos of these little princesses :)

2.Here we come dad..

We all used to fight with our siblings when we were small but not like this, they took this to a whole level with air fight like DBZ. Looks like the dad has really tough time with the two on some days.

3.Let's cook some Omelet.

We all love cooking and eating Omelet but these naughty little girls have a whole new way of making them. Really they have an amazing life.

4.Catch that chicken sister!!

These little princesses love to pay in the kitchen i suppose, Nevertheless it's a great click moment for their dad when they are trying to cook the chicken..

5.Don't worry sister i will catch you..

Oh no, what is this cute little mischievous girl is doing? i could hardly hold myself like that when i am a kid, but look at that, she must be laughing so hard when she sees these photos later in her life.

6.A cute little witch

Are you preparing for the Halloween? looks like they have their own way of celebrating it. Look at them, aren't they cute? This is what we call a creative photographer.

7.Ho, ho ho,Santa claus is coming.

Do you believe in Santa Claus who cheers up everyone? well, she does too and look she has become one with the soap foam in her bath tub, She is terrific.


8.Keep watering me, I am a tree...

Ever wanted to be a tree? sounds crazy, right? well not for these two daughters who love growing like a tree. This is what we call great parenting.

9.I am Hulk

The cute little daughter here acting as super girl or may be the great Hulk. This is one of the most creative photo one can have in their album..


10.The Mario sisters.

The two little daughters dressed themselves into mario and luigi although there hats don't depict that to give a perfect game look, the two seems to enjoy the cake and and collecting coins..

11.I am a detective...

Oh look we are Sherlock Holmes!! the two little princesses stood on one another to give the best detective look.


12.Let's stick her to the wall dad.

Jason Lee is one creative dad, you wish you could had. He is a wedding photographer but takes the time to picture his daughters in some really creative ways, here the little one is stick to the wall with tape.


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