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Crazy Products Inspired By Hello Kitty

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 12:45 pm

1.I see!

Perhaps grown adults would be confused by these white ear, red bowed telephone booth shelters? They are Hello Kitty hat things. Silly!


Nothing can get a guy all hot and sweaty like a Hello Kitty thong. Perhaps not. These thongs just seem inappropriate and it is pretty amazing to think that somebody somewhere has thought that they are a good idea.

3.Road Oil

For the fashion conscious roadster, the Hello Kitty Road Oil Holder. You have to be seriously concerned about some of the marketing people involved in Hello Kitty.

4.The pistol

Female hit-women love the Hello Kitty gun. It makes them feel all evil and cute at once. Never leave this gun at the scene of course. It is just too outstanding to not notice. Kitty

Who knew that a cartoon cat called Hello Kitty would make us feel like a bit of 'Hanky Panky'? This lingerie line was indeed inspired by the little kitty. Maybe they are looking for the actual little kitty?


That time of the month is never fun for any woman. So why not cheer yourself up and get some Hello Kitty tampons? They may be absorbent, but boy are they going to feel strange wearing them.


There is even the Hello Kitty Filling. It is both pretty and practical as its little whiskers and bow help break up your food while you eat. No one will know she is there. but hey! you do!


8.Take That!

Who knew rugged gun owners where also Hello Kitty fans? This machine gun looks amazing with the pink and black mix, but you might get a few rather strange looks down at the shooting range.


If you have a fear of flying why not go on the Hello Kitty Plane? That way you know she is with you all the way. Hanging on the outside of the plane admiring her thousands of feet up in the air and freezing to death.


10.Kitty Sushi

Now we have Hello Kitty sushi. Complete with pink Hello Kitty Home Kit and accessories. Now you need never be red faced again. You can serve Hello Kitty's sushi face anywhere you want.

11.Oh Dear!

When I close my eyes, I become Hello Kitty. Or, I scare the cra*p out of you. There is no way that you can ever look at this and think that it looks good.



Even big girls, or perhaps big boys love Hello Kitty as seen here. However, you do have to question them going so crazy on something that is so spectacular to look at.

13.Look Me in The Eye Sucker

Everyone can breath a sigh of relief since the Hello Kitty contact lenses are in fact now available. The only downside of them is the close proximity people have to be to actually see them.

14.Getting Down and Dirty With Hello Kitty Grills

At first glance this persons teeth may appear all moldy and blackened. In fact this is the latest Hello Kitty Mouth Grill. Complete with Hello Kitty little diamond faces.


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