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Crazy Science Facts You Never Knew

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:14 pm

1.Sagittarius B

This gas cloud contains an amazing amount of alcohol. In actual fact the amount if estimated at a billion billion billion liters and that is clearly an amount we just cannot get our minds to understand. If you thought you had an alcohol problem, then you need to go some in order to beat this need for it.


This rather scary looking thing actually inhabits up to 700 million people around the world every single year. That fact is probably scarier than the image here because your mind will now be racing as to what happens when it get into your body.

3.Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef really is great. It actually extends to 2000km and that means that it is the longest and largest living structure anywhere on the earth. You knew it was big, but we bet you had no idea it was this massive.


We all know that a hurricane can be dangerous, but when it comes to the energy it can create then it is the equivalent of up to 8000 one megaton bombs going off at the same time. It is now easier to understand how it causes so much destruction in such a short period of time.


Laser lights that we produce are now a million times brighter than sunshine. Having them brighter is pretty amazing, but to this extent is just something else and you can understand how difficult it must have been to achieve this through science.


Mercury is strange because during the day the temperature on the surface is 430C, but then at night it goes to -180C and that really is a massive drop as you could imagine. Of course you do not have to understand the reasons why because the main thing is to be impressed by this stat.

7.Rye plants

This rye plant looks nothing special, but you may be surprised to hear that a single plant can produce enough roots that if you stretched them out they would cover 30 miles. That is a huge amount for a plant and you would certainly never imagine that it would be possible.


8.Bug eating

This is a scary fact, but on average a person will eat around 430 bugs during their lifetime. Basically we know very little about them, but you do wonder the kind of things that are going in there and being digested by us?

9.Salty ocean

Did you know that there is enough salt in the oceans of the world that would cover every part of land on earth to a depth of 500 feet? That shows why it does not taste that good if you swallow some and also the vast quantity of water on our planet.


10.Neutron star

A neutron star is massive and to give you a better idea of how big you just need to know that one thimbleful of it is going to weigh well over 100 million tons. It is amazing to think that such a small amount can weigh as much as that, so forget about trying to pick it up.


Do you ever worry about being hit by a bit of a meteorite? Well the chances of it happening equates to one in every 9300 years, so surely you can see how small that chance could actually be? However, it does still happen, so just be careful out there.


12.Blood vessels

Believe it or not, but in your body there are 62,000 miles of blood vessels and to put that into perspective if you laid them out end to end you would go around the world twice. It shows how small they must be to fit in because that is a huge amount.


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