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Crazy Sequential Photography

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 3:46 pm

1.Just jump

This is just a fun amateur example of sequential photography of a guy jumping off a tree stump. However, it does show you how well it can work on a personal level and if you have the correct equipment you too can capture some cool shots that you can then show off to all of your friends.

2.The pitcher

You must have looked at a pitcher and their movements and wondered how they manage to get as much pace and control over the ball with something that just looks rather awkward. This piece of sequential photography really does let you see the way in which their body moves and actually shows how flexible they need to be.

3.BMX 2

This image looks really cool with it being in black and white and you can see the little movements in the bike as they go over that jump before hopefully landing perfectly. This is a subject where sequential photography can really capture the essence of what is going on.

4.Freestyle Skiing

For some reason winter sports appear to work well perhaps due to their natural movement being just perfect for sequential photography. This is a great example here as you have a freestyle skier doing a trick and each phase is being shown giving you a better understanding of the trick in general.

5.The hang-glider

This would have been a cool photograph if it had just been taken normally, but by capturing the movements of the hang-glider it does help you to really appreciate the shot even more. The setting is gorgeous, the subject is perfect, and overall this is one amazing photograph.

6.The falling cat

A cat does have a tendency to land on its feet and this shot is able to show you how that is possible. It is cool how it goes from being upside down to righting itself and landing on its paws and you see how agile they really are and you may have a new found admiration for them.

7.The bat

The animal world is just perfect for sequential photography as this example shows with a simple bat. You see every part of it as it flies and there is just something rather cool as you can really appreciate the battle that they have in order to stay in the air.


8.The diver

This photograph is both cool and quite funny as it just shows a normal person diving into water, so the subject itself is nothing special. However, you see how he prepares himself for hitting the water during the dive and you just know that most of us would do the exact same thing.

9.Leap of faith

This is another stunt where you cannot help but look and be amazed by it, but when it is captured in this way you really feel as if it has taken your breath away. You get a much better sense of what the rider is going through during the stunt and you can see the height they get to in something that really is death-defying.


10.The rider

This type of riding is not easy, but the length of the shot with the different sequences in it does mean that it is a rather special photograph that you cannot help but admire. It should make you feel different about BMX as you can actually see some of the skill involved.

11.The snowboarder

Seeing this trick with your own eyes would be impressive, but it is even more impressive when it is mixed in with sequential photography as it really does capture the different part of the stunt and you will have a new found admiration for the skill of the rider. This takes a great stunt up to a completely new level.


12.The Surfer

How absolutely cool is this particular photograph? It shows a surfer looping up on the waves and you have to admit that you just have to sit and stare at this image and marvel at the actual artistic beauty of it. This is sequential photography at its best.


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