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Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 5:00 pm


This shows that fruit can also work very well and with this version it actually includes the likes of apples, pears, peaches, and in all honesty you could add some berries as well, but try and get firm ones or they could go far too soft. The idea here is to hit people with the mixture of the egg flavor along with the fruit and if you do it right it will be a meal they remember.

2.Spinach cheese twist

At first you might think that a spinach and cheese version is nothing special, but this recipe comes with a fruit salad along with a champagne vinaigrette just to add a touch of class to the proceedings. You might think that this mixture of flavors would not work, but nothing could be further from the truth because in actual fact it is a taste explosion that will leave you breathless.

3.Apple & bacon

This version not only includes apple and bacon, but also white cheddar and potato and the result is something that leaps out at you and smashes your taste buds like a champion boxer. It is full of flavor, it works amazingly well and the mixture of ingredients does mean that it stands out from anything else that you are going to taste for a long time.


This version has crab meat along with a Hollandaise sauce and the result is something that will blow your taste buds out of your mouth. This is certainly very different to the vast majority of omelette dishes that you will try, but crab does actually work very well with it.

5.Potato & chorizo

OK this is quite a lumpy version, but the balance between the potato and chorizo does mean that as a meal it works very well indeed and you have to admit that your mouth was probably drooling as soon as you checked out the photograph. This is something that is very easy to make and it is far more enticing than the plain and boring meals you see elsewhere.


This does look good and the key ingredients in this version are easy to find. For this you need tomato, onion, mushrooms, and cheese, but each thing does work in accordance with the other resulting in a meal that is quite light, but at the same time very filling indeed.

7.Goat cheese

This particular version uses goat cheese, chopped spinach, and sun-dried tomato and the idea is to leave it wide open like this rather than the more common way of folding it in half. At first glance it looks like a bad pizza for some reason, but the mixture of flavors in there will ensure that it tastes fantastic and that is the main thing after all.



This idea involves you bringing a touch of Mexico into the meal by turning it into a kind of Tex-Mex burrito. This particular one includes the likes of jalapeno, chorizo, mixed beans, and various other ingredients and the result is something that does look like the real deal, just with egg as the wrap. You have to admit that it does look rather good and you may feel like trying one right now.

9.Salmon & cream cheese

In actual fact to get this full meal you not only need salmon and cream cheese, but also green onion as well just to balance out the flavors. The result is a meal that is filling, tastes wonderful, and it is also quite colorful to look at. The salmon works very well with it all and the cream cheese adds a bit of moisture that you will love.


10.Ham and cheddar

OK some people may argue that ham and cheddar is not creative, but there is no reason why you cannot use a variety of cheese in order to get different tastes to your meal. You can also vary the ham with having different smoked versions in order to add a bit more flavor and overall it can be a satisfying meal.

11.Omelette muffin

This is slightly different in that it is not your normal omelette because instead it is done like a muffin rather than the bigger flatter version you will be used to. This one has ham as the main ingredient, but of course you can add anything you like and just layer up the mixture as you see fit and to suit your own particular tastes.


12.Looks bad tastes good

At first glance this omelette may look rather horrible, but when you find out that it contains sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, and rocket, then you will start to change your mind about it. This is the perfect example of how looks can ultimately be deceptive, but you have to admit that it is certainly creative in its ingredients and once you try it you will love it.


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