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Creative Baby Halloween Costumes

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 4:43 pm


This person seems to have decided that because your baby is not going to be using their legs that much that it is best to effectively tie them together and turn your little girl into a mermaid. Ok the costume itself is very creative and you cannot help but love it and there is a good chance that the little girl will also be very happy as well and that is always very important.

2.Potato sack

Ok so your baby is not going to be moving around too much, but that is absolutely fine as you can simply turn them into a potato sack for Halloween. Obviously no real potato is included, but the way that a simple sack has been turned into this costume is very well done and at least they can still crawl around in it without too many problems.

3.Taco baby

You do often wonder how a person can come up with some of these ideas for costumes because who would have ever thought it was possible to dress your baby up as a taco. The detail in this is pretty good and you cannot help but think awwww as well as laugh at it because it is certainly different and this is a baby photo they will hate when they are older.


This is a simply, but effective turtle costume that really does make great use of the fact that your baby is going to be crawling around for most of the day. Turning them into a slow moving creature that crawls is really a stroke of genius and as long as they have a green t-shirt on then the entire thing just works as a costume.


There is a bit of a fine line here between it being creative and slightly cruel because dressing your baby up as a picnic for Halloween is certainly very different to every other costume that you will see out there. It is perhaps best to ignore the fact that the baby here is not that impressed by it and just focus on the creativity that has resulted in a picnic basket costume.


Well could you get anything more creative than dressing your child up as a pot of spaghetti? The way in which they have managed to conjure up this idea is actually very impressive because you do see the resemblance and that in itself is a very important thing. The baby appears to be smiling, but hopefully they do not grow up to hate spaghetti.


How cute is this picture? The peacock idea really does work as it is not scary, but it is certainly bright and cheerful and will always get a smile from anybody that sees your child like this. It is going to be ideal for either a boy or girl and surely they are going to love those big yellow feet?



Well this is certainly creative because when did you last see a baby dressed up as a biker? The funniest part is that the baby does actually suit it, in a strange kind of way, but overall they have done a fantastic job of dressing them up like this and the baby appears to be quite happy with it as well.


How about this for a cool Halloween costume for a baby? It managed to be slightly scary for them without it being too much and you have to admit that the baby here manages to pull off the look absolutely perfectly. It is quite funny seeing them with the hat on as well as it just completes the entire look.


10.The bear

This bear is slightly different in that it does appear to have a banana on its head and you need to question why this is indeed the case. However, it is a creative costume and your child will undoubtedly look rather cute in it as well and is that not what you are aiming for anyway?


This costume is so cute and at least it is bright and colorful enough for your child. Yes this is the caterpillar costume and it is very well done with all of the different parts on it, so the detail really is outstanding. The baby even looks slightly happier about having it on as well, so this is undoubtedly a bonus for the parents.


12.The egg

Ok so this is not the scariest costume you will ever see, but it is still very creative because who would have ever thought about dressing their child up as an egg. It really is brilliant when you stop and think about it and the costume itself is very easy to make if you wish to do so yourself, It is just a shame that the child is not impressed.


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