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Creative Bottle Holders

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 10:28 am

1.The hammock

If you are having a funky party, then how cool would it be to have this as your bottle holder? As if the hammock is not enough you can also check out the monkey head as the bottle stopper as that just adds another level of comedy to something that is already funny.

2.Clever Addition

One of the most covered 'bottle holders'. Now mum can stay busy while feeding the baby and of course the child can be amused by the rather cute monkey staring back at them.

3.Rustic Favorite

If you want to add that whole rugged look to your decor when serving drinks these cowboy boots will certainly add to that feeling. They are quite detailed and beautifully crafted.

4.Nifty Tricks

Bottle holders are not confined to living spaces. In fact, being outdoors gives one the opportunity of experiencing all types of holders. Perhaps the ones we need even more! This is certainly not something you see on the Tour de France.

5.Simple Elegance

Sometimes simplicity is the key. This charming bottle holder is so simple in its design that it becomes rather fascinating. There is an air of elegance and sophistication about it.

6.The Number One Glam' Factor

The glamorous shoe is still a favorite as far as bottle holders go. With so many choices of shoe, including glass and the like, your imagination can go wild. This is perfect for a girly night.

7.Something Charming

If you are looking for something a little more dainty this pretty colorful mermaid would make a great addition to your table serving. She is certainly bright and should lift the mood of any dinner party.


8.Powerful Shots

This tequila bottle holder is an ingenious concept. People knocking back tequila certainly know how powerful the shots can be; however, just make sure if you are going to do this that you have the right gun.

9.Natural Materials

This log bottle holder seems such a great idea that one would ask 'Why didn't I think of that?'. Just goes to show that nature can create the most beautiful home accessories with little effort.


10.The Cheerful Frog

This frog will certainly add some cheer to your dinner party with the way that the bottle has been turned into a cannon. He certainly appears to have already drank the bottle when you look at his face, so at least somebody is having a good time.

11.Crazy Horse Bottle Holder

This cleverly crafted horse drinking from a bottle is clever and fun. He would definitely make a great conversational piece on top of a bar for example. You have to admit that he is rather cheeky.


12.Cheerful Decor Addition

This is a great bottle holder for a sunny day around the pool. The happy face and cute hat seem to add to that holiday atmosphere. Just imagine the reaction from your friends when they see this guy.


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