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Creative Bottle Stoppers

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 4:09 pm

1.Exploding wine

If you are looking for a creative bottle stopper, then this has to win some awards. The overall design is so cool and it really does come across like a work of art and it will certainly grab the attention of your guests when you stick this in the bottle at a party.


This is cool and funny because it does look as if you are trying to plunge the wine right out of the bottle, but surely that would waste a bit too much? The design is simple, but at the same time it is also very effective as there is no doubt that it manages to seal that bottle very well indeed.


These are cool and also they are extremely useful considering they have a bit in the middle for the cork to sit. It looks as if they are supposed to be the devil and an angel, but of course after a bit more of the wine the devil one is going to become stronger with people losing their inhibitions.


This does come across as being the perfect bottle stopper for winter because it would look a bit stupid having a snowman in the summer. He is cute, he is cheerful, and he will certainly put a smile on your face, so what else are you looking for from a bottle stopper?

5.Top hat

Well this looks posh because how else can you describe having a top hat on your wine bottle? You have to admit that it is quite a clever design and there is no doubt that it will look quite splendid at your little party of an evening. It is just a shame there is not a monocle with it as well.

6.5 speed shift

This is probably seen as being a classic design when it comes to bottle stoppers because it just comes across as being perfect for a gear stick. There are several designs available, but they all basically do the same thing which is showing the different gears and keeping that stopper on your bottle.


Well as you can see there are a few options when it comes to plants as bottle stoppers and each one is certainly very creative in its own way. You do wonder as to how difficult they are to make as they appear to be quite intricate, but they are undoubtedly a lot of fun and that is a major bonus.


8.Scary head

Well this is certainly a creative head to have as a bottle stopper, but at the same time it is also quite scary to look at. This is clearly modeled on something else although how well it works and how nice it looks in the bottle on the table is obviously something that is up for debate.

9.Stags head

This little guy is both cute and cool in equal measure and who would not love to have him as their bottle stopper? In all honesty the answer to that is probably vegetarians and people against hunting, but apart from them people will love it.



There is something quite cool with this bottle stopper and it seems to make sense that they use a finger as if it is holding the cork down. The modeling of it is very good because you see the little lines in the skin just to add some texture to it, so there is no doubting that this is one creative bottle stopper.

11.Little man

This little head is rather cool mainly because of just how simple it is in its design. You cannot help but look at him and smile and he will certainly bring some cheer to the table due to his little cheeky grin on his face.



This bottle stopper is actually very artistic thanks to the spindly legs and wings on this mosquito. However, it does work very well indeed as a bottle stopper and there is no doubt that it will get people talking when they see it sitting there in the middle of the table.


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