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15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:24 am

Choosing a tattoo is a tough job. There are far too many tattoo categories to choose from. Abstract designs, flowers, cartoon characters, quotes, 3D Tattoos, what not!!! Tattoo research is an exhaustive job. The rule remains same, though. The tattoo has to be creative, understandable and neatly-inked otherwise; it may lead to tattoo disasters for the internet to laugh about. Disney cartoon characters are also a popular tattoo choice. Cartoon character tattoos reflect playful nature of a person. Here are fifteen Disney tattoos that look too beautiful.  
1.Maria Tattoo

Maria from The Aristocats looks as innocent as ever here. The cool thing about this tattoo is that the angle of her face and eyes makes it seem like she's looking at you. It's a simple black ink tattoo, but Maria's cute demeanor makes it a great tattoo. The hearts on the woman's left foot are random, but they do match her heart-embellished shoes.

Maria Tattoo-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

2.Cinderella Shoe & Saying

Cinderella's slipper has made its way onto another foot. This tattoo set is adorable because the phrase and shoe coincide with one another. Cinderella has a dainty foot, so the tattoo artist followed that description to a tee. But if this woman gains any weight on her foot, that slipper is going to look like a size 12.

Cinderella Shoe & Saying-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

3.Beauty and the Beast Rose

The Enchanted Rose Tattoo is another beautiful Disney-inspired tattoo. Unlike the many other Disney tattoos we have seen so far, this tattoo is not based on a Disney character. Apparently, the tattoo resembles the enchanted rose, a mystical rose flower that has a great significance in the Beauty and the Beast movie
Beast, when he was a human prince, got this enchanted rose from a beautiful enchantress who disguised herself as an ugly old woman. When Beast refused to provide shelter to her, she punished him by turning him into a beast. Beast would get his human form back if he learns to love someone and earns it back from them.
The other thing in the tattoo that caught our attention is Harry Potter's time turner necklace. It looks like the person who had this tattoo was trying to convey some kind of message! Can you guess what it is?  

Beauty and the Beast Rose-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

4.Mickey And Minnie Face

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are the earliest cartoon characters that were developed by Disney. Mickey Mouse is the official mascot of Disney. The older generation kids had more attachment towards Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The two mice, Mickey in particular, is a favorite tattoo choice of many Disney fans. 
As you can see in the picture, the girl had both Mickey and Minnie tattoos inked on her two thighs. The tattoos look very attractive, although they are little bigger in size. Minnie Mouse tattoo looks beautiful with the red-color hair bow and abstract background design. Both the characters are smiling, and look euphoric, highlighting the girl's happy and playful nature!  

Mickey And Minnie Face-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

5.Jiminy E. Cricket

Jiminy Cricket is a popular Disney character from Disney's animated movie Pinocchio. As you might have already known, The Pinocchio movie is based on a children's book The Adventures of Pinocchio, written by Carlo Collodi.  The original character in the book has no name, and no real significance. Disney transformed the unnamed character of the book into 'Jiminy Cricket'. 
Jiminy Cricket is known for whispering advice to Pinocchio, and now it looks like he's doing the same for this woman. That placement was smart, although it looks a little odd. Jiminy is one of the smallest Disney characters, but he looks larger than life here in the tattoo. The tattoo is the exact replica of the character down to the umbrella in his hand.
We have to appreciate the tattoo artist as well. The tattoo was neatly inked. It looks exactly like the original Jiminy Cricket character.

Jiminy E. Cricket-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

6.Snow White And the Apple

This is one of the most life-like Disney tattoos there is. The frame and apple of the tattoo is filled with color, but Snow White steals the show. The Disney Princess looks vintage; almost like a black & white film from the olden days, but the rest of the tattoo is popping with color.

Snow White And the Apple-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

7.Beast and Belle Tattoo

Beast and Belle Tattoo is one of the most creative Disney tattoos ever! This is also one of the cutest tattoos we have ever seen. Why to get Belle and The Beast side-by-side when you can just morph them together!? The tattoo doesn't have a lot of color or details, but the outline is imaginative! 
The tattoo artist's ability to combine the pair together, without losing the features of each, is amazing. It looks like the girl had put great effort into researching tattoo ideas.  

Beast and Belle Tattoo-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

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This type of tattoo is usually done with stars, but the trail of Mickeys is a cute idea. Only someone stuck in a cave wouldn't be able to recognize this famous mouse. The Mickey heads are fairly simple, but their placement makes this tattoo unique. And if this woman ever gets tired of having mice on her back, she can always turn them into hearts. 

Mickeys-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

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9.Cinderella Shoe

Everyone who knows Cinderella also knows about Glass Slipper a.k.a. the magical shoe. Most Disney movies and animated TV series have a magical object in them that later becomes an iconic trademark of the movie or show. The Glass Shoe is one such iconic object that belongs to the Disney's Cinderella franchise.  
The tattoo you see in the picture was inked based on the famous Cinderella shoe. The shoe tattoo looks great, and it's really impressive. However, the lengthy text, which is a lyric from Cinderella's song, had spoiled the overall look of the tattoo slightly. Nonetheless, the tattoo is one of the best Disney tattoos we have seen so far.  

Cinderella Shoe-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One


10.Just Believe

The word 'Believe' is a very popular tattoo word. The tattoo is a sign of motivation. People get this tattoo in an attempt to boost their self-confidence every day. The phrase 'Just Believe' is one of the few variants of the 'Believe' tattoo.  
Can you guess what's really special about this 'Just Believe' tattoo that you are seeing in the picture right now? Yes, the tattoo was inked in the iconic Disney font. The tittle on the letter 'i' looks like Mickey Mouse's face. We got to say that this is a brilliant tattoo idea. The tattoo is small, motivational and has Disney theme.   

Just Believe-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

11.Swimming Ariel

Though Ariel's silhouette is recognizable, this is a great tattoo for a mermaid fan as well. The tattoo is a shadow image, but there's something about that says 'enchanting.' The placement of the tattoo is also great because it looks like Ariel is reaching out to grab the owner's hand. Who knew a fish could look this good?

Swimming Ariel-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

12.Minnie and Mickey

Matching tattoos are popular among young couples. It is a good way to express love for each other. Matching tattoos come in many shapes, sizes and types. A lot of couples prefer two individual tattoos that have some connection to each other in one or the other way. This way, even if the couple gets separated, the tattoos will keep them connected. 
This Disney tattoo you see now in the picture is an example of good matching tattoo idea. Both the characters look like they are trying to kiss each other. When the couple is together, the matching tattoos look too adorable. Even if the couple gets separated, the two tattoos will remind them of each other.  

Minnie and Mickey-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

13.Peter Pan Tattoo

You got to be a Disney fan, and you got to stand very closer to this girl to find out what this tattoo is all about! Apparently, it's a Peter Pan tattoo. The small group of tattoos depicts the scene from the Peter Pan movie in which Peter Pan teaches Wendy and friends how to fly. This Disney tattoo idea was great. However, we don't think anyone other than Disney fans would like this. 
If you see the tattoo from some distance, the four smaller tattoos depicting Peter Pan, Wendy, Mr. Smee and Michel Darling, look like black scars. They kind of look like insects too. This is why one should do a lot of research before choosing a tattoo. Anyway, the core idea of the tattoo was excellent. 

Peter Pan Tattoo-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

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14.Simba Quote

The Lion King is one of the most popular Disney movies of all time. The tattoo, as you can see in the picture, is a Lion King inspired tattoo. 'Never forget who you are' - This is one of the best Disney quotes. The quote is from "The Lion King" movie. The imagery in the tattoo depicts Simba's painting as drawn by Rafiki. 
Simba's picture in the tattoo doesn't make any sense to those who haven't seen the movie. To them, it looks like a random puppy picture which was drawn by a kid! The picture reminds one of the most emotional moments of the movie to all the Lion King fans out there. 

Simba Quote-15 Cutest Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Have One

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15.Ariel and Eric

Ariel and Eric are together forever thanks to this girl. It's double the fun when you get two tattoos that fit together like puzzle pieces. Alone the tattoos are very well done, but when they are shown side-by-side, you can't help but go "aw" at the pair smooching. However, from these two ink jobs, it does seem like Ariel is making more of an effort than Eric.


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