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Dirds Are So Cool

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021, 8:08 pm

1.A cutie

This is the kind of one where you end up looking at this combination and just thinking..awww. Yes the base is a robin and it just all blends in so well and would bring something different to all of those Christmas cards.

2.A powerful crow

People would more than likely be scared of an animal that looked like this especially if they already had a thing about crows. It just looks like it would be a nasty piece of work.

3.Full of life

Even though this does look very strange, you just know that this little guy would be full of life and capable of giving you so much fun. However, it does play with your mind when you only see two legs, but then he is half dog half bird.

4.A chirping dog

Yep this is a chirping dog and have you ever seen a bigger budgie head than this? It would have been slightly better if the color blended in a bit better, but it is still a cool looking animal.

5.A corgie owl

This is actually a bit freaky when you stop and really look at it because it does indeed look like a cross between a corgie and an owl. That combination works in some ways, but then the lack of mouth just looks very, very strange.

6.That's a strange budgie

Yeah if a budgie did look like this, then they may not be as popular as a pet for children. There is just something very, very different about the bird with this dog head, but all that would happen is he would probably drool a lot.

7.A penguin pug

You have probably already guesses that this guy is a combination between a baby penguin and a pug and you can understand why they have been put together in this way. It just looks as if this animal really should exist and it is a shame that he does not.


8.He looks menacing

This combination results in a dird that just looks quite menacing, but then we would hope that he would be quite mild mannered and that it was just a case of looks being deceptive. However, it would still freak you out when he landed beside you looking like this.

9.Red is the color

It is certainly strange to see this bright red dird because boy would he stand out from the crowd. His little snout just adds a bit of character to him and at least somebody got a photograph before he flew off.


10.Mild mannered

You get the feeling that this one would be quite mild mannered as a bird and he is certainly sitting there quite happily right now. However, it would still be strange seeing him flying away.

11.A new Yorkshire terrier

Once again this is a great link between bird and dog and if you have just imagined him barking instead of chirping, then you are not alone. It really is awesome to see this combination and surely he would be popular in real life?


12.Isn't he cute?

This little guy just looks quite cute and the actual image itself is so well done that you can hardly see the join between the two. Be honest here, if this guy actually existed would you not love to own him?


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