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Disney Engagement Rings

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 7:32 pm

1.Princess Tiana Ring

Tiana from The Princess and the Frog was constantly surrounded by green. On top of spending most of her time as a green frog; even her formal gown was several different shades of green. The green stone on this ring is set on a flower just like the one that can be found on Tiana's gown.

2.Ariel Ring

This Ariel ring isn't shaped like the famed mermaid or any of the other creatures featured in the film. Rather than use fish shapes, the creator used the colors of Ariel to develop a ring. The ring's stone is red, just like Ariel's flowing locks of hair. The red stone is surrounded by purple stones, much like the purple seashell top Ariel wore in the film. Then there's the sides of the ring, which are adorned with green stones, which is supposed to represent those green fins Ariel was desperate to get rid of.

3.Pocahontas Engagement Ring

If you listen to your heart like Pocahontas did, you'll run out and buy this engagement ring. This rose gold ring is reminiscent of Pocahontas' gorgeous skin tone and outfit. The stone's round setting makes this ring suitable for women with both long and stubby fingers. Though this is an engagement ring, it can very well double as an everyday ring as well.

4.Aladdin's Lamp

The Lamp of Great Magic engagement ring will make your girl's dreams come true. The specialty ring was inspired by Aladdin's lamp from the classic film. The stone is set on a lamp, which has buildings from Arabian nights surrounding it underneath. Moreover, there are two mini genie lamps underneath the stone in the middle. This ring encompasses all of the major entities that made the Disney film a classic. It's not the most feminine design, but it's a statement piece.

5.Snow White Engagement Ring

The Princess of Pure Heart engagement ring is inspired by Snow White. If you were expecting to see an apple or seven little stones to represent the Disney Princess then you'd be sadly mistaken. The ring is decorated with a simple bowtie in the middle. Fans of the Disney classic will remember that Snow White wore a red bowtie band on her head. The bowtie does give the ring a juvenile effect, but it's highly unlikely that any 10-year-olds would be walking around with an engagement ring.

6.Rapunzel Engagement Ring

Rapunzel is known for her long locks of hair and the creator of this ring incorporated that into this piece. In the film, Tangled, Rapunzel wore a purple dress the majority of the time, so the stone in this ring is perfect. The textured sides of the ring duplicate the braid that Rapunzel wore off-and-on in the film as well. This isn't the most traditional engagement ring, but a Disney fan would love it!

7.Crown For the Beauty Engagement Ring

This Crown for the Beauty engagement ring was inspired by Disney's Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. The amazing thing about this piece of jewelry is that it's Aurora's crown, but in ring form. The diamond is set in the middle of a small crown, so essentially the diamond is placed on a crown within a crown.


8.Mickey Mouse Diamond Icon Ring

This Diamond Icon Mickey Mouse engagement ring is a part of the Disney Dream Collection. Five diamond-encrusted Mickey icons make up this stunningMickey ring. The ring has a cohesive mix of gems, stones and American treasure. The ring is made of 14 karat rose gold, and is the perfectengagement ring for Mickey Mouse fans. This ring costs nearly $4K.

9.Jasmine Engagement Ring

A princess like Jasmine is a jewel, so it's not shocking that a ring inspired by the Disney character would be overflowing with diamonds. This one-of-a-kind ring has jewels all over it, much like Jasmine's palace. The ring's overall shape is the mirror image of the headpiece Jasmine wore throughout the film.


10.Belle's Enchanted Rose

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but roses make the heart sing. This Enchanted Rose engagement ring was inspired by the magical flower featured in Beauty and the Beast. The ring has a layered stone setting, with the enchanted rose, in the middle, being a different color from the rest of the piece.

11.Ariel Seashell Ring

If you future wife loves Ariel or The Little Mermaid, then this ring will make her squeal with delight. This ring is called 'A Mermaid in Love.' The ring is adorned with a series of stunning seashells. The ring isn't filled with lots of diamonds, but its overall appearance makes up for it. The ring's band isn't smooth like the typical engagement ring; instead it has ripples which mimics water. The ripple effect makes sense since Ariel is a mermaid under the sea.

12.Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Ring

This gorgeous Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage ring looks exactly like the vehicle that Cinderella rode in, during the Disney film. The stone setting is shaped like the carriage, while the swirls surrounding it mimic the vines from the pumpkin that the Fairy Godmother used to form Cinderella's carriage. The ring is simple and beautiful, just like Cinderella.


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