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Duct Tape Lingerie In Fashion, Ouch!

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 7:57 pm

1.Celebs are doing it

If you want to see if it is in fashion, then check out if celebs are using tape and as you can see here they are indeed. OK so it is Lady Gaga and she is not exactly a trendsetter, but hey at least you are in good company if you decide to use it.

2.Yep that is tape

That outfit on the right is actually tape at least at the top and it is no wonder that she would have had some rather strange looks as she walked around. The scary part is that the tape is not even the worst part of the outfit.

3.The hugging top

Using tape does of course mean that the outfit is going to hug you close and even though that may seem like a good idea at first it is going to be a bad idea when it comes to removing it. Her little smile is about to be wiped off her face.

4.The bare minimum

This is all about wearing the absolute bare minimum and lets face it there would be nothing left if you just took off those few strips. This covers your bits with the least amount of tape possible, but it is still effective.

5.The full bra

This woman has made sure that the tape does indeed resemble a full bra and she is quite open about showing it off to anybody that asks about it. However, you do have to question why you would go ahead and do this in the first place?

6.The maid

This outfit is actually genius because they have used different items in order to recreate the maids outfit and they have actually managed to do a pretty good job of it all. This person did have too much time on their hands.

7.The full lingerie

This is a blatant attempt to use the tape to recreate the entire outfit and how much time and effort has been spent in trying to get it to look as good as this? How painful is it going to be taking it off? A free waxing is about to happen.


8.Making it sexy

Yep this is all about trying to make it sexy and boy does that take some work when it is just some silver tape. However, clearly the model has a lot to do with it because now you are looking at it in a completely different light.

9.The cups

Well this approach is all about using the tape as the cups of the bra and she has at least done a pretty good job of it. However, she does not look as if she is that impressed herself, so maybe that tells you all that you need to know?


10.The criss-cross fashion

This attempt at using the tape for a bra involves the criss cross style and it does kind of work in its own very strange way. Of course it does protect your modesty, but only just although maybe that is what she wants?

11.Well it is supportive

This tape does seem to be a bit supportive, but looks can sometimes be deceptive. The problem is that with having her mouth covered she is now unable to tell us about how effective it is.


12.That must hurt

This kind of thing has to hurt when it comes to taking it off and it would be no surprise if her nipples were completely missing after it. You have to question the sanity of anybody that decides that this is a good idea.


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