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Dumbest Belly Tattoos

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 11:56 am

1.Sad and Dumb

A tree with a beautiful desert sunset behind it. Or, a belly with a dumb tattoo on it? Is there any actual point to this belly tattoo or were they just bored one day?

2.Dumbest Belly Tattoo of All

Oh wow! This guy finds coffee spillage on his belly hilarious. He has even tattooed the whole scenario on his belly complete with stick man to indicate what is going on.

3.Like for Like

Some big bellied people are admired and reviewed. So way not tattoo them on your own fat belly? This is perhaps not as dumb as it seems when you stop and think about it.

4.Naughty Thoughts

This guy is making full use of his My Space, on his belly. After all as he states, My Space is a place for friends.

5.Em! Easy Job

Inspired game tattoos are also popular. This one is just a big fat fail. It looks chalked on by a two year old. So how do you become a tattoo artist? and how much do they earn?

6.Home Entertainment

Some people understand the importance of belly entertainment. Like this person with the two naughty monkeys. At least it gives you something to look at when the sex becomes boring.

7.Belly Warnings

Many people wonder how to get a flat belly. Other's write on their flabby bellies how they got that way. Take this belly tattoo as a warning and also what happens if the business closes?



This person clearly went to a lot of trouble to get this bull tattooed on her belly. One has to ask 'Why?'. What is the fascination with a bull and why would you want it put all over your body?

9.Poor Show

Some tattoos are just bad. They have no style, no artistic flair and the tattoo artist should probably go back to doodling because this one looks as if a toddler has been drawing on their belly because they ran out of paper.



This tattoo is totally scary, imagine seeing that? It looks as though he did it himself too. Ew! Surely this would make you stop at 68 instead?

11.Feed Me

It is a pity women are not so proud of their big bellies? They also don't demand more food to keep it that way! This tattooed belly sure has no shame.



Gosh! Bart Simpson sure has an ugly butt? The proud owner of this tattoo is happy to show it off constantly though, but boy does it take guts to do that.

13.House of the Rising Sun

With an expanding and deflating belly, this tattoo could be a bit like the rising sun. When it deflates it clearly indicates a sad saggy day.

14.Being Upfront

You have to admire a man that gets it all out and upfront. Tattooing an arrow to his small appendage avoids disappointment later down the line. It is not as if things will change, so he need not remove or alter it.


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