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Embarrassing Dad Pictures

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 8:49 am

1.The bad fancy dress

A father in fancy dress can be quite a cool thing, but not when he is dressed up as Miss Kitty. At this point it just turns into something that is shameful and you can imagine what their kids will say when they see him like this.

2.On the loo

Yep this is taking things to a whole new level when it comes to managing to embarrass your child because could there be anything worse than sitting on the toilet outside while traffic goes past? This is one cruel sense of humor from the father.

3.The punishment

OK while this picture itself is not too embarrassing the shirt one is a different story. This father forced his daughter to wear this to school for a week due to her breaking her curfew and what a cool idea for a punishment that actually is.

4.Playing air drums

This father was caught on camera managing to embarrass his son by pretending to play air drums as people walked past. This went on for a good few minutes and you can tell that the father is having the time of his life while his son is not that impressed.

5.You are drunk!!

There is no way that this father can actually be doing this while sober because he would just be far too ashamed. However, you do wonder how he is able to get into such a position as he is not a young thing is he?

6.The old photos

Ahh the old family photos are always capable of bringing up something very strange and this is exactly what we mean by it. The entire outfit is peculiar, but what is going on in the shorts department? Perhaps we are best not to know.

7.Trying to be cool

Ok so it is embarrassing when a father is trying to be cool, but is unsuccessful in his attempt. This is a great example because he is trying too hard to be like his child, but it is just not working.


8.Stop balancing things!!

Why does your dad feel that he is now capable of balancing various things on his head? This is just one example, but you have to question what the point is to it rather than him doing something silly and leaving you red faced.

9.Dressed to kill

This guy actually did this because of something that his daughter said to him. He decided that he had to get his own back by coming to pick her up dressed like this. He made his point.


10.Father is boasting

A father has this amazing ability of being able to shame you by trying to boast about something as can be seen here. This is going to make his son cringe when he reads this as people are now going to be thinking about his father more than him.

11.The wedding dancing

Yep there is nothing worse than when your father suddenly thinks that he is some kind of world champion dancer after he has had a few beers. It always results in something like this happening and of course the child is nowhere to be seen due to being to ashamed.


12.A multitude of costumes

Imagine your father waving you off to school every single morning and he is dressed like this. You would have no idea where to look and of course all of your friends would have something to say to you. That is if you had any.


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