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Etsy Items That Will Remind You Of Your Childhood

Saturday, Feb 29, 2020, 7:54 pm

1.Very Hungry Caterpillar

This was such a cute story and if you have never read it, then you are missing out. This purse is cool as it looks normal on the outside, but then people can see that you hark back to your childhood with the inside.



Barbie is still huge and girls have loved playing with her for decades. These Barbie earrings will certainly be something that a lot of girls would have loved to have had when they were younger.


Noddy has certainly changed his look in recent years, but you can still recognize him and he still gets up to the same old tricks. He has been around for such a long time that most people will have watched him, so these badges will be loved by many.


4.Paddington Bear

As a young kid there is a good chance that you loved Paddington Bear and you may have even had your own version. This was completely harmless fun and this mug will certainly bring back some very good memories for you.

5.Space jam

This was a movie that really wowed people as it combined both real actors, as in Michael Jordan, and cartoon characters and it was something that was never seen before. This scarf will act as a reminder of what was a really cool movie.


6.Power Rangers

Just how big were the Power Rangers? These guys were absolutely everywhere, so it is no real surprise to find out that people have gone ahead and made a phone case for them. Are you brave enough to admit that you still like them?

7.Mighty Ducks hat

When it comes to kids movies the Mighty Ducks has to be one of the best ever made. It is so much fun to watch and it got a lot of extra people interested in Ice Hockey. If you loved it, then you will love this hat.


8.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

OK so this involves cross stitch, but forget about that and just look at the subject. These guys were loved by everybody with not only a cartoon, but also movies, books, and merchandise. If you have the skill level, then this is a cool thing to make.

9.My Little Pony necklace

Girls absolutely loved My Little Pony, so as soon as they see this necklace they will find themselves being thrown back in time to a point where the world was not so bad. Yes it may not be the nicest of necklaces you have ever seen, but it is still cool.


10.Marble cufflinks

Before the likes of the Playstation and smartphones kids had to play with marbles. It did lead to hours of fun and it is rather cool to see them transformed into a set of cufflinks like we have here.

11.Fresh Prince jumper

This is the show that launched the career of Will Smith and it was huge back in the 90's. We loved the characters in it, but do you love this jumper as much as you loved the show?


12.A rugrats jumper

Come on who did not love this cartoon series? It was all about kids getting up to no good at all and it was extremely popular back in its day. However, would you actually walk around wearing this or would you just keep it in a cupboard?


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