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Europe According To Americans

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 9:43 am

1.Arrows galore

This person is surely going to be top of the class here because they have done exceptionally well with the countries and they should be rightfully proud of that fact. Yes they may have gone a bit mad with the arrows, but that is not as important as getting the countries correct.

2.The Netherlands????

So they have a few countries correct, but the most glaring error, apart from all of the blank ones, has to be that the Netherlands has been moved further north than it could ever hope to be. Surely that is a country that most people should know about because it is hardly obscure.

3.Is any country affordable?

Forget the fact that they have managed to get a lot of the countries correct here and focus on the part where they describe countries as being affordable. Just what exactly do they mean by that and what is the criteria for you to be called affordable?

4.France 2?

At first glance you think that the have done quite well here as a lot of the countries are correct. However, they have included things such as USA and France 2 in this map, so what planet they are actually from has to be up for debate.

5.Showing off, but wrong

You see this person has decided to show off a bit by including Uzbekistan. However, even though it is a country they have managed to move it by a huge distance, so perhaps just go with what you know rather than trying to be all clever.

6.If in doubt, leave it out

Why try to bluff your way through something that you just do not understand? Surely it makes a lot more sense to just leave it empty and pretend you did not see it?

7.Apology probably not accepted

There is a pretty good chance that Mr Harriss would not accept their apology because this does have a few errors in it. However, there is also a good chance that they were not the worst offender in the class either and that is the part that should worry you.


8.A big IDK

Sometimes honesty really is the best policy and in this case they have admitted that there is a huge part of Europe where they just do not know any of the countries at all. This is better than trying to bluff your way through it all and making an idiot of yourself.

9.Well done on Africa

OK so they got a few countries right here, but undoubtedly the best comment that has been made is the one about Africa. They made sure that we know that they understand it is not a country all on its own, but the argument that they are not that dumb does not stand up with the rest of their answers.


10.Rafa Nadal

This person is clearly a sports fan since they have included Rafa Nadal as a country. He may be big and good at sport, but he is not in the United Nations as his own entity.


At least with this person they have already admitted that they are ashamed by just how bad they are at this and it should mean that they are willing to improve their geography. They have just used Communism as a way to give some blanket coverage to a whole host of countries as some kind of get out of jail card.


12.Weird boobs?

The part that is the strangest here is that they think there is a country in Europe called Weird Boobs. The irony is that it would actually be pretty cool if that was indeed the case, but sadly it is not, so they are wrong on this count.


At long last you have to stand up and applaud the person that made this attempt because they actually did very well indeed. They have even managed to get some of the smaller countries in and they should look at this with pride that they at least know where Luxembourg is.

14.Ahh le france

Just ignore all of the mistakes in this one and focus on the fact that they decided to draw on a moustache when talking about France. That in itself is worth a few marks and all that is missing is a beret and a striped top.

15.Close, but no cigar

Well this person was doing so well, but then they seemed to forget how Russia works and this clearly through their mind. You do just get the feeling that there was some guess work going on here, but at least they did not score 0 out of 10.

16.England has slipped

The worrying part about this one is that they seem to have moved England and put it somewhere in mainland Europe resulting in Scotland taking over the entire UK. If they have no idea what is going on with one of the closest allies of the US we are in trouble.

17.They got the big ones

The thing you can say about this attempt is that at least they got the big and important countries correct as not everybody can manage to do that. However, they have not even made an attempt with central Europe and instead opted for the big question mark.

18.Borat country

Surely if you go ahead and eliminate a lot of Europe simply by referring to it as Borat, who does not even come from there, then you should get pass marks just for having the guts to do that. OK so they have also moved a number of other countries around, but that does not matter.

19.Ravioli for Italy

Well at least this person is showing that they know a bit more than just the country names, at least for some places, but then this in itself can lead to problems. They have also lost their way around the Balkans and just decided to opt out by referring to it as stuff.

20.Not quite

With this person it is quite obvious that they do not really have the idea of what is going on here because they have just tried to use big writing to cover up the fact that they do not really understand Europe. Do they not know that Benedict Cumberpatch is not actually a country?

21.Getting better

Well at least this person is getting better with their geography because they have managed to identify a lot of Europe, but they have then gone a bit overboard with some of the comments. They have also managed to move the Netherlands into Scandinavia and that in itself is no mean feat.

22.A Russian perhaps?

This person was kind of doing quite well up until they got to Russia because that is the point where some nationalistic pride appears to have taken over. Quite what they were playing at we will have no idea, but if they are calling it the motherland, then they may not be fully American.

23.A valiant attempt

The best part about all of this is their absolute brutal honesty with the vast majority of Europe although it is a bit of a worry that they could not at least identify Germany. They also seem to be taking a chance with Ireland, but at least they know it is in Europe.


Well they are kind of close with how they view Europe, but do they not realize that there are a lot of countries that have been missed out here? At least the person was able to identify some of the flags though.


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