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12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 11:46 am

It is a fact that fat people are subject to intense criticism both offline and online due to their appearance and lifestyle habits. Obese people hate it when people start judging them by their appearance. They call it fat shaming or body shaming, and they say it hurts them a lot. While we agree that it is a bad thing to criticize people for being fat, we don't think it is a good move by the obese community to play the victim card and embrace their problem. Many fat people are highly insecure about their bodies, and they get offended even upon hearing a positive weight loss advice from a friend or a known person. Such people need to take note of these 12 fat girls on Instagram who don't give a flying f*ck to fat shaming!
1.Elsa Belle

Elsa Belle is a random fat girl we found on Instagram who seems to be a professional plus size model. She shared a few pictures of her, revealing her plump and juicy assets! It seems Elsa doesn't really care what people think about her. She can be seen wearing outfits like a two-piece swimsuit that we don't usually see fat girls wearing. Elsa Belle looks confident, and it appears this girl has no real problems showing off what she has got under her clothes! Well, Elsa has a couple of raunchy (non-nude) videos on her Instagram page that may excite you if you are a BBW lover!

Elsa Belle-12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend

2.Samantha Schloss

Haters gonna hate! Samantha is yet another big girl who promotes body positivity on Instagram. She says she prefers wearing the dress she wants and doesn't care about what people think of her. She looks majestic in this picture, isn't she? Those big dudes in the background are hilarious. Samantha Schloss is an indie fashion designer and "Fatacceptance" activist. Many people have appreciated Samantha's effort, but a few folks suggest her to raise awareness about the destructive side of obesity. Nonetheless, she has stood against the body-shaming trend, which has become a major social problem now.

Samantha Schloss-12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend


Lindsay is the brand ambassador of a plus size clothing business named Curvy Girl Fever. She is a body positive activist who strives to end fat shaming in society. Lindsay enjoys wearing modern and highly fashionable clothes just like any normal-sized woman. The 33-year-old American plus size model says she is happy with the way she lives. Lindsay writes on her social media profiles that one should accept themselves as they are and lead a happy life, not bothering about people and their judgmental attitude. She does look attractive in the picture, but sadly, we don't think many people will agree with us.

Lindsay-12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend


Cailey is another chubby girl on Instagram who advocates body positivity through her photos and videos. She has hundreds of breathtaking photos on her Instagram page, showing her in colorful outfits. Cailey seems to be a fashion freak! Her clothing, hair, and makeup ideas are a bit weird but fascinating. With over 42,000 followers on Instagram, Cailey is inarguably one of the most popular body positive activists on the internet who crusade against fat shaming. Cailey has successfully managed to inspire a lot of obese people around the world. Way to go, Cailey!

Cailey-12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend

5.Jayda Beau

Meet Jayda Beau, an Australian plus size model. She is another big girl who has good following on Instagram. Jayda has more than 50,000 followers on her Instagram page who love whatever she posts.  She has uploaded some sexually provocative photos of her on her profile. Just in case if you love checking hot photos of fat girls, you may have to check this woman's Instagram! Jayda believes in body positivity and thinks the society should treat people based more on their psychological traits than physical appearance. Well, we guess her statement makes sense. What do you say?

Jayda Beau-12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend


Hailey is a notable plus-size model and blogger from London, UK. If you are a big girl, you may have already read a couple of plus size fashion articles on her blog. If you don't, follow her style advice because this girl is an expert in the domain. Hailey is a body positive activist, and she has raised her voice against fat shaming and bullying numerous times. Hailey is not the fattest girl on this list, and it seems she can easily reduce her weight with exercise and diet. Anyway, it's her body, and she is free to do whatever she wants! Hailey looks pretty, though.

Hailey-12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend

7.Danielle Vanier

Danielle Vanier is a UK based model and fashion blogger who has over 70,000 followers on her Instagram page. The award-winning plus size model advocates body positivity and disapproves fat shaming whenever she gets an opportunity to speak. Danielle Vanier looks beautiful, isn't she? For us, Danielle is the most beautiful woman of this topic. Her face looks very attractive, and we must admit that she has great fashion sense. She proved that body positivity is not about wearing a two-piece suit. People, this is exactly how one can be fat and beautiful at the same time!

Danielle Vanier-12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend



Latoya from Toronto, Canada, is a plus size model and "Fatacceptance" activist who aggressively advocates body positivity and equality. Hey, isn't it good to see numerous fat women coming out and living a life they wanted to live, not caring what people or society thinks about them?! Latoya on her Instagram page says she is a confident and hardworking woman. Confidence is key to success. Do you know how many beautiful girls struggle to find a right opportunity in the modeling industry? Despite being fat, we must admit that these girls are doing a tremendous job in establishing themselves as professional models. Oh yes, they aren't mainstream models, but still they are being paid for their job, which is nice.

Latoya-12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend


Lisa is a chartered accountant from the United States. She is a part-time model and fashion blogger. Lisa is one of the fattest girls of this topic, but she is never afraid to embrace fashion and experiment with her looks. Lisa shows people how to lead a happy life, not caring about all those hurdles that come in our way. She wrote on her website that she tried a lot to lose weight during her younger years, but it never worked. Lisa said she had suffered a lot due to her obesity, physically and mentally. According to her, she recently learned to live happily by accepting reality.

Lisa-12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend


10.Kristina Janiece

Kristina Janiece is a New York based fashion designer and style blogger. She is an aspiring professional plus size model. Kristina Janiece says she loves wearing different kinds of outfits, and her weight never really stopped her from doing that. Hey, have you observed that almost all the girls on this topic are either models or affiliated with the fashion industry in one or the way? Ordinary people can totally do that as well, but you know, most of them are too worried about getting fat-shamed. Do share the stories of these girls to your fat friends to inspire them and help them get out of the constant depressive mindset.

Kristina Janiece-12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend

11.Ragini Rao

Ragini Rao is an Indian plus sized model and style blogger. She is a big fan of vintage fashion, and her Instagram profile reflects her love for it. Ragini looks fat and out of shape, but she is a body-positive woman. Ragini's excess weight never seems to bother her. She kind of looks cute, though. Do you know any fat girl who can confidently wear a two-piece suit? You are highly unlikely to know one because chubby girls are usually very insecure about their bodies. Perhaps, they should let it all hang out like this woman in the photo. She appears very relaxed, isn't she?

Ragini Rao-12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend


12.Essie Golden

Essie Golden is a professional plus size model, and she has worked with leading plus size fashion stores such as Ekineyo, Feminine Funk, Nakimuli, RebDolls, etc. Just look at her! Oh boy, she is massive. Essie Golden is a big name in the plus size modeling industry. She is also an active body positivity activist, and she promotes it through her Instagram profile. We are happy about all these body positive activists, but we somehow feel that they should focus on elevating the importance of good health as well.

Essie Golden-12 Fat Girls On Instagram Who Are Destroying The Fat Shaming Trend


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