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Find Out What's Wrong With These Pics

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 3:04 pm

1.Something is wrong

Well something is very wrong here and you need to take your eyes off the middle of the image in order to work it out. OK we know that is not going to be easy, but trust us for a minute because it will all then make sense.

Something is wrong-Find Out What's Wrong With These Pics

2.Look hard at it

This is one of those images where you need to really look hard at it in order to work out what is wrong, but when you do you will be stunned. It looks completely innocent, but then that is never going to be the case when brix are going to be produced at the end of it.

Look hard at it-Find Out What's Wrong With These Pics

3.Erm nice hair?

Ok so it is obvious that there is something going on here, but what exactly is it? Come on, it is staring you straight in the face!!

Erm nice hair?-Find Out What's Wrong With These Pics

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