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Find Out What's Wrong With These Pics

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 3:04 pm

7.Dancing at the wedding

A wedding is a time for celebration and to have a good time at the reception and that is certainly the case here. Everybody is just getting their groove on, but is all as it seems?

Dancing at the wedding-Find Out What's Wrong With These Pics

8.Something is so, so wrong

This looks like a photograph of the boy and he is clearly the main focal point here, but that would just be boring and there would be nothing wrong with it unless you felt orange and blue clashes. However, look around and see if you can spot it.

Something is so, so wrong-Find Out What's Wrong With These Pics

9.Getting close to fans

This singer is Lily Allen and she is getting up close and personal with her fans. Nothing wrong with that we hear you say, but then perhaps everything is not exactly as it seems here?

Getting close to fans-Find Out What's Wrong With These Pics

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