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Foods And Beverages Which Only 90s Kids Will Remember

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 7:19 pm

1.Spice Girls Lollipop

The Spice Girls were massive in the 90s as they were the biggest girl band of their time, so of course the marketing company went crazy resulting in them getting their own lollipops. However, they were not a resounding success and they were one of the first things to be dropped as their career came to an end.

2.Nestle Quik bar

Nestle Quik has been around for some time and indeed it has proven to be quite popular. However, the bar was not as successful even though it did initially seem to be a good idea. Instead, it was looked upon with some suspicion and failed to hit the heights of their drink version.

3.WWF Ice Cream Bars

You need to remember that in the 90s the WWF was massive, so it is no surprise that they even tried to cash in on the ice cream market. However, as their popularity dropped a bit so did their ice cream sales.

4.Crystal Pepsi

This clear Pepsi made an appearance in 1992 and it was taken back off the market in 1993. It was part of some kind of fad of having a clear drink, but it basically failed and Pepsi decided to cut their losses early on.

5.Pepsi Blue

Sometimes even the bigger companies make a mistake and that is what has happened here with Pepsi Blue. This was a berry flavored drink that was produced in 2002 and was then discontinued in 2004, so it really did not last long at all.

6.Oreo O Cereals

At first this does sound rather interesting because who does not like Oreo's? Basically you had pieces of cereal that were shaped like an Oreo and of course they tasted the same. Sound good? Then why did they then vanish?

7.Crispy M&Ms;

Well if you were looking for something a bit different from your M&M's, then at least you had other options available during the 90s. This version saw the inside being a piece of crispy rice and it really is a surprise that they did not do better.


8.Vanilla coke

Vanilla Coke has had a rather chequered history. It was first introduced in 2002, but quickly discontinued in both the US and the UK. However they brought it back to the US in 2007 due to people actively campaigning for it.


This is a drink that was produced by Coca Cola in 1994 although it did start to decline by the time we got to the year 2000. It was then largely dropped in the US in 2003 although it does still survive in different countries where it has moderate success.


10.Butterfinger Bbs

This was a candy bar that was made by the giant company Nestle. Basically it had a peanut butter flavored center with this covered in chocolate. It is still going strong today.

11.Shark Bites

This was a fruit candy snack where all of the pieces were in the shape of sharks. However, even though they were in different colors it was more complicated than just putting a color with a flavor for example the yellow was strawberry and not lemon.



This was a fruit drink that came in a slender squeezy bottle and even though it was classed as fruit it certainly was not that healthy. You had a number of flavors to choose from, but to make it more interesting they added a character to each flavor. They stopped producing them in 2001.


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