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Great People Who Were Also Perverts

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 9:54 am

#10 James Joyce

Often voted as one of the greatest English authors of all time, James wrote about many things including his home country, Ireland. His real claim to fame was to establish a new way of writing, even making one of his book Chapters five letters long! He also was able to create emotions in people that they had never felt before, simply by the clever use of words. His other claim to fame for the purpose of this list was his fetish for farts and farting. He loved nothing better than to f*ck the farts out of his wife! He also enjoyed farting in peoples faces during intercourse as well as the reverse. He would detail and describe every 'delicious' fart with the great gusto he was capable of writing with.

James Joyce-Great People Who Were Also Perverts


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