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Halloween Nail Art

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 7:54 pm

1.Glittery eyeballs

These glittery eyeballs have to be among the coolest nails you will see around Halloween. The way in which they are done, the colors, the sparkly bits, the way they sit up off the nail, every single thing makes them seriously cool and you would be proud to wear them.

2.Scary eyes

These eyes do just grab your attention and if you are looking for a bright and in your face Halloween design, then there really is nothing better than this. Yes the colors are not what you would expect to normally use on your nails, but they are still very cool and surely you would love to wear them.

3.Spiders web

Spiders webs really are cool and are prefect for Halloween and at least these designs are a bit different with the way that the spider is crawling towards it. The actual designs themselves are very well done, but get them to stick on or you will drive yourself crazy with drawing the web itself.

4.Spooky trees

These spooky tree nail designs are cool and as you can see they are not even that difficult to do, so one evening when you are bored you can just sit down and produce something as good as this. It only needs a couple of colors for it to be effective and some patience on your part and you too can have nails that are perfect for Halloween.

5.Glittery spider

Do you think that some of the other designs are lacking a bit of bling? Then how about something such as these glittery spiders? You have to admit that they are cool and they may very well be the thing that you are drawn to rather than the flatter and more boring nails you see elsewhere.

6.Frankenstein Patch

Once again these are designs that you can do yourself as they are relatively simple and just requires a steady hand. They are supposes to represent stitching like the parts on Frankenstein and they are at least different to so many of the other designs that you see out there at this time of year.

7.Spiders web

Ok so these designs are ones that you can simply stick on in next to no time, but you will see how they really do jazz up your nails and gets you into the mood for Halloween. The designs are relatively plain, but that does not matter as they are well done and most importantly they look fantastic when they are on.


8.Skeleton man

Ok so these nails may not be the most colorful, but they are still cool and they are still ideal for Halloween. It shows that you can keep things relatively simple, but still get the end result that you hoped for as this example proves.

9.Ghost faces

OK so there is nothing complex about these nail designs, but they are all very effective in what they do. You have to admit that the little ghost face is funny as is Frankenstein and they do make a nice change to how you would normally have your nails for the rest of the year.


10.Home made

As long as you have a steady hand, then these are designs that you can put on yourself, but only if you have the different colors to hand. You have to admit that the Jason mask is quite cool, so as long as you have patience, then you can do these little cool things.


The cool thing about these designs is the fact that there are four different designs on show, so it does add some variety to how the nails look rather than them just being all the same. The individual designs themselves are actually very good and you just know that they would be fun to have.



How cool are these nails? Yes they show different designs for pumpkin heads and they are certainly just some fun things to have on your nails during Halloween. The best thing is that they are very easy to do and they do look fantastic as well.


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