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Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 8:22 pm

1.Evil pumpkin

There is no doubt that when it comes to the straightforward pumpkin face that this carving is spectacular. There is so much work that has gone into this that you need to really know what you are doing, so it is hardly one for a novice to try, but the overall effect it has is one that will both scare and enchant you in equal measure.


The way in which this skull just leaps out at you shows how good the carving is because the evil look in its eyes helps to take this carving up to another level. How long would it take to produce something as detailed as this? How steady does your hand have to be in order to carve this out without something breaking? It really is a piece of art.

3.Toy Story

If this looks familiar, then that is because it is the alien in the Toy Story movies, so while it is probably not the most threatening of carvings it is certainly one of the funniest. The way in which the ears have been stuck on does help to add to the overall effect and ultimately can you imagine how much your kids will love it if you make something like this?


This pumpkin face has a slight abstract look about it, but it is still very well done and it does have a creepy feel to it as well. The smile and the eyes are probably the best part, but the entire thing is so well done that you cannot help but love the overall appeal of this pumpkin carving.


Where do you even begin with describing this pumpkin carving? It really is pretty spectacular because once again the detail that is in it makes this stand out from the crowd. The evil in the eyes, the sinister look on the face, the scar, there is so much going on that this has to be one of the best pumpkin carvings you will ever see.


OK so there is nothing that scary about this carving, but it is more about the skill rather than anything else. You have to admit that this is seriously well done and as like the others it is pretty much a work of art that you would be seriously proud of being able to do if you were as talented.

7.Bursting out

This carving is spectacular as it does look as if the face is just bursting out and that effect has been added to by the way in which the little pieces of the outer shell have been placed. Once again the detail in the carving itself is outstanding and there is just something so realistic about it all.


8.Spooky pumpkin

You have to admit that there is something quite devilish about this pumpkin face, but it is also something that you could see yourself doing at home if you have the patience and the steady hand. As you look at it you will also see something quite cheeky about it all as well, so this is a pumpkin carving that is perfect for your kids.

9.Pumpkin head

Surely having a pumpkin in your head is going to hurt? That is the feeling you get with this carving, but it is the detail in the carving that really does make this stand out above all of the other carvings that you generally see. The way in which the lines in the face have been done, the detail in the eyes, the expression on the face, it is all so, so well done.


10.Evil witch

Nothing is better for Halloween than to have an evil looking witch and it works perfectly with this pumpkin carving. You have to admire the detail that has gone into this carving as it really is a work of art and you wonder how long it took them to actually produce something this cool.

11.Horse pumpkin

You can see how to really appreciate this design you need to have the pumpkin lit up in this way or it would just largely blend in and look like a normal carving. However, thanks to the candle inside you can see how good the design is and how talented the artist in question actually is.


12.Horny pumpkin

This carving is both cool and spooky in equal measure and you have to admire the work that has gone into it because this really would not have been very easy at all. How did they even start with the design? How easy would it have been for something to go drastically wrong?


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